Jewelry Dupes for Trendy and Popular Pieces

Hey everyone!

I’m back with another post today, and I’m really excited about this one because I’ve done so much research for it and had a lot of fun finding new businesses to support! As you can see, today I’m going to be sharing dupes for popular and trendy jewelry that you’ve probably seen circulating around Insta and other social media platforms! By no means am I saying not to support the pieces that are the “originals”; I’ve included links for both pieces as I find that the more expensive items are probably made of higher quality and are just as cute! However, some are far more expensive than we’d might like to spend, so the dupes are great if you want something similar at a lower price point. The other great thing is that, with the exception of one business, the dupes are all smaller companies that would be great to support! I hope you love this post and that you can find some cute alternatives.

The Original: Initial Card Necklace from Bracha ($52) vs. The Dupe: Gold Initial Letter Pendent Necklace from ZoeJewelryDesigns on Etsy ($27). I’ve seen a lot of these initial card necklaces lately, and I can totally understand why they’re popular right now. The charm is really unique looking and has a vintage style to it. Luckily, there are tons of these necklaces available online so you can have one of your own! I picture wearing this with shorter necklaces, too.

The Original: Palos Verde Butterfly Necklace from Stephanie Gottlieb ($2,300) vs. The Dupe: Dainty Gold Butterfly Pendent Necklace from Rudiana on Etsy ($15). I saw this necklace from Stephanie Gottlieb on one of my favorite bloggers, Danielle Bernstein, and when I went to see how much it was, I quickly realized that it was not a purchase I could afford to make (a girl’s gotta save). I immediately went to Etsy after and searched up butterfly necklaces to see if I could find a dupe. This one is so affordable and really sweet.

The Original: Baby Samira Hoops from Jennifer Fisher ($350) vs. The Dupe: PAVOI 14k Gold Colored Lightweight Chunky Open Hoops on Amazon ($13.95). I personally cannot take credit for this dupe because I’ve seen so many people on Tiktok rave about these earrings from PAVOI on Amazon. I actually just bought a pair to see if they live up to the hype and actually look like the Jennifer Fisher hoops that are so popular and can be seen on lots of celebrities (you know Hailey Bieber’s daily hoops? These are them).

The Original: DSJ’s Signature Meaningful Multi Gold Initial Necklace from Dana Seng Jewelry Collection ($510) vs. The Dupe: Personalized Name Necklace from BELKYmood on Etsy (from $29.25). I love these initial necklaces; I think they make such a wonderful gift and look so delicate and beautiful on. I’ve seen these ones by Dana Seng on lots of celebrities, but I’ve personally gotten a similar necklace off of BELKYmood as a gift. They start at $29.25 and become a little bit more expensive depending on the letters and icons you choose to add to the chain. The chain is really sparkly in person and the quality is great!

The Original: Blush Butterfly Earrings from Chvker Jewelry ($42) vs. The Dupe: Mariposa Earrings from SimpleNGreat on Etsy ($5). I’ve seen these earrings in so many Instagram advertisements, and I saw them on Etsy for only $5 and decided, why not? Obviously, they’re not of the best quality, but they’re a great piece of fashion jewelry and look so similar to the originals. I had lots of people ask me for the details on them too!

Thank you all so much for reading this! I’m still keeping you all in my thoughts and sending light your way!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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