Trust Your Process



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Hi everyone!

Yesterday I wore some new pieces, and I wanted to show you how I styled them and the outfit that I wore. I hope you enjoy!

I’m going to be starting off with this super cool tee. My sister bought this for me as a birthday gift, and I already love it. It says ‘trust your process’ on both the front and the back of the shirt. I especially love the artwork that it has on the back. Urban Outfitters (which is where this shirt is from) did a collaboration with the artist Kris Chau. Not only do I love the message, but I also think it was designed in a really cool way!

I paired the shirt with my Topshop Joni shorts, and then I added a belt. Belts have been coming back into style, and I’ve had my eye out for one for while now. I found this one on Shein and decided to grab it. To be honest, it’s not the greatest quality, but I think it’s cute to accessorize with. In addition to that, I added on some gold necklaces (more on that here). I have a few new additions, including the gold star choker and E bar necklace. These were both kindly given to me as gifts. I love them, and have been wearing them nonstop!

Lastly, I paired the outfit with my Converse. Although this is a simple outfit, I really think it’s super cool and put together. Additionally, it’s very practical for school, which I know is starting for a lot of people right now.

Would you like to see more outfit of the day posts? Let me know!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Kris Chau X UO Process Tee

Black Joni Shorts by Topshop

Black Hightops from Converse

Zipper Trim Western Belt from Shein

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol