Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Hey everyone!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I know with COVID restrictions it might be difficult to go out and shop this year. You might be relying on online shopping for gifts so I found some last minute gifts that you can buy on Amazon that will arrive before the 25th! I hope this is helpful and that you can get some last minute shopping in.

Hooded Fuzzy Cardigan: This cardigan is just like one I have that is so comfortable. This would be a perfect gift for anyone that loves to stay warm and comfortable. My whole family owns one or more of these because they’re seriously that soft! It feels like you’re wearing a blanket. It also comes in various colors and patterns.

5 Piece Makeup Sponge Set: This sponge set has really good reviews and comes in a pack of five for under $7 which is great. I think everyone needs a makeup sponge because it’s honestly a game changer when it comes to doing your makeup. I will never go back to using a regular brush for foundation and concealer.

18 Piece Makeup Brush Set: This is another great deal; this set comes with every brush that you could possibly ever need. It comes with a sculpting contour brush, an eyebrow spoolie, a highlighter brush, etc. Like I said, it literally has every brush you could possibly want and a makeup brush set is always a good gift.

Kate Spade Floral Notebook: Notebooks are always good because you can use them for daily journaling or for school/work. Kate Spade always has the prettiest stationary, and I personally like this floral one because it’s just so beautiful. This has 160 pages too so it will last you awhile.

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup: These coffee cups are so cute! They collapse so you can easily carry one around with you in your bag and then have a reusable cup if you go out and get coffee a lot. These come in many different colors too.

YSL Icons of Fashion Design and Photography Book: This book is so pretty and would make a great coffee table book for anyone in your life that loves fashion or photography. There’s only a few left in stock so get this quickly if you like it!

Happy Holidays! Talk to you soon,

-Emily Berrol

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