Recent Urban Outfitters Purchases – Fall 2019

Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, so I first want to apologize for the lack of content I’ve been creating. I moved to New York about a month ago, and I’ve been acclimating to life and school here. I’m honestly having the best time ever, and it’s a real dream come true to be living and studying in my favorite city! All of that put aside though, I really miss blogging and am so focused on getting back to it. It feels great to sit here and take time to write again.

I’ve made a few Urban Outfitters purchases lately, all of which have been pieces that I love and am so excited to wear. I hope these give you some inspiration for fall or show you some fun new pieces that you can add to your wardrobe.

Embroidered Wildflower Crop Top: I absolutely adore this top and have been wearing it so much since I got it. It’s perfect to pair with high waisted jeans or a long satin skirt. The flowers embroidered on it are so pretty and sweet, and it’s the perfect length for a crop top. If you’re looking for a new, cute little graphic tee, check this one out.

Sierra Sheer Smocked Cropped Top in Mauve: This blouse is so beautiful, and I was immediately drawn to it when I first saw it in the store. The color online says mauve, but it’s this stunning purple color which would look great on every skin tone. It honestly gives me sugar plum fairy vibes; I love it!

BDG Love Is Forever Overdyed Sweatshirt: I’ve had my eye on this since I first saw it online, and I’m really glad that I picked it up because it’s so cute! The flowers on the front and back are super pretty, and I honestly think the quote is beautiful. I think it’s so easy to find graphic tees with random phrases on it nowadays, but ones with special and sentimental messages are always a bonus. Lastly, the sweatshirt is a perfect shade of light blue.

Willow Fuzzy Drawstring Teddy Jacket in Pink: Urban sold this jacket in last year’s winter collection, and I remember thinking that they looked so cute and cozy. I’m so glad they’re back this year, and I’m in love with this pink one (so much so that I found which stores had it in my size and went to the East Village to pick it up). I love that it’s oversized and fuzzy. I also really like that it has the bright pink drawstrings at the bottom; it adds a nice accent color to the blush exterior.

BDG Girlfriend High-Waisted Longline Jean in Medium Wash: Alright, you all know that I’m quite the fan of denim, but I think these might be my favorite pair of jeans ever. I wear these at least a couple times a week, and I’ve found that they are incredibly flattering and perfect with any outfit. These are true to size, but they’re actually pretty long. I always roll them up one cuff at the bottom, and I’m pretty tall, so just keep that in mind if you’re shorter or are thinking about purchasing them! I really hope BDG starts making these in another wash because they are seriously game changing.

I hope this post inspires some of your own shopping! Thanks for being patient with me as I get back to blogging and balance it all with my crazy busy life. You are the best, and I’m forever grateful to have those of you that read my posts each time I upload!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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