The New NYC Nordstrom

Hey everyone!

Last week, the Manhattan Nordstrom flagship store opened, and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to visiting for months now. It had officially opened on Thursday, and I decided to go to see what it was all about. It was far from disappointing. The store is all women’s clothing and accessories, with a lower level that has baby and home items. There’s also restaurants and cafes scattered around. Oh, and it’s seven floors. Yep, you heard that right. Seven floors. When can I move in?

There’s a variety of different designers on each level. To be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming because the store is so big and carries so many different brands. It’s kind of like a museum; you could spend days on end going through the store and finding new labels and pieces that you haven’t seen before. It’s truly amazing.

I bought two tops when I was there (one being the white turtleneck in the picture above), and the dressing rooms were also super cool. Everything is very high-tech; there was a panel towards the back of the dressing room where you could call an employee, order a different size, etc. One of the walls in the room also had a full length mirror and pedestal underneath it which is perfect for when you’re trying on clothes! There definitely was a lot of thought that was put into the Nordstrom when it was built.

The location of the store is super great, too. It’s within walking distance of Central Park, and I can only imagine how cute it’s going to look pretty soon with all of the Christmas decorations.

Although the store was super busy and packed, I seriously had such a good time visiting it. I’m so glad that we finally have a Nordstrom here in New York, and I know there are plenty of purchases to be made in the future…

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Urban Outfitters Mock Neck Sweater in Cream (only available in gray right now) from Nordstrom

BDG Girlfriend High-Waisted Longline Jean

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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