30 Fun Activities to do from Home

Hey everyone!

I put up a poll on Instagram asking if you guys wanted a blog post with activities you can do at home, because, well… self isolation and self quarantine is truly in full effect now. I actually had to fly back from New York about a week ago, and the rest of my semester has gone fully online. I know a lot of you are probably in the same boat, and honestly, it’s very hard to adapt to life inside all the time when you’re used to a busy schedule (especially when you live in a city like New York!). Everyone that voted said that they wanted me to write this post, and I hope it can be helpful for all of you!

  1. Start a new book/create a book club with some of your friends.
  2. Make a new playlist.
  3. Cook or bake something (banana bread is next on my list for baking).
  4. Go outside for a walk if there’s an empty, open area.
  5. Binge watch a new TV show. I recommend New Girl, Parks and Rec, You, Cheer, The Circle, Atypical, Love Island UK, Glow Up, and Queer Eye.
  6. Make some art or color. I bought a mandala coloring book and it’s super relaxing.
  7. Do an at home workout to get moving.
  8. Give yourself an at home manicure. I turn on a show in the background when I do this.
  9. Start a blog or find new ones to read.
  10. Do some online shopping (you don’t even need to buy anything; it’s fun to browse and find new stores and boutiques).
  11. FaceTime with your friends and loved ones.
  12. Download Tiktok; I caved and finally got an account. Some of the videos are so funny, and I love seeing the different beauty products people recommend.
  13. Make a coffee run to a drive through near you.
  14. Do an at home face and hair mask.
  15. Listen to podcasts.
  16. Create new Pinterest boards and find inspiration.
  17. Reorganize your room, closet, or drawers.
  18. Write someone a letter.
  19. Experiment with new makeup looks and new hairstyles.
  20. Buy some stickers and decorate a laptop case.
  21. Donate some of your old clothing.
  22. Clean your makeup brushes.
  23. Have a movie night with snacks.
  24. Work on a puzzle.
  25. Pray or meditate.
  26. Create a morning or nighttime routine.
  27. Declutter your phone – delete old apps, pictures, and emails.
  28. Create a list of goals you want to accomplish in the next year.
  29. Spend time self reflecting and journaling.
  30. When all else fails… watch cat videos.

I hope all of you are staying inside and are healthy! More blog posts coming soon, I promise! xo

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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