5 Ways to Shop Smart

Hey guys!

One of my best friends recommended that I write a blog post about this, and I thought it was such a good idea. She expressed to me that she sometimes ends up with random items after shopping that she doesn’t love or knows how to incorporate into her wardrobe. Another person I talked to also told me that they had a similar problem, and that in general, she struggled finding pieces that could be implemented into several outfits. I feel like this might be more common than people realize, and I’m here to share my own tips for shopping smart and creating a wardrobe you love.

Tip 1: Buy the basics. When it comes to curating a great wardrobe, staple pieces (such as a great white and black tee, a leather jacket, the perfect fit of jeans, etc.) are a must because they’ll be in your closet forever. So many stylish and timeless outfits can be made out of really simple and minimalistic pieces because accessorizing is key and can completely bring your outfit to the next level. I recommend investing in good quality basics so that you’ll have them for a really long time.

Tip 2: Save outfits you like and compare them. This is kind of like doing an “inventory” of your style. Go on Instagram, Pinterest, and other apps and save pictures of outfits or items that you like. Once you’ve collected a good amount of images, go through them and see if there are any similarities. You’ll usually be able to spot some trends with the images you save. For example, when I look at my fashion board on Pinterest, I see a lot of outfits that are simple yet sophisticated and chic. Doing this can help you discover more of your personal style.

Tip 3: Do not impulse buy. Alright, I think we’ve all been guilty of this one before. It’s really easy to see something that you like and want to buy it right away, but this is one way that we end up with random items in our closet with the tags still on them. Before buying an item, ask yourself these questions: Where would I wear this? Are there other items that I own that would go with this piece? Would I be able to style this?

Tip 4: Ask others for their opinion. Whenever I’m trying something on and I’m just not sure if I should buy it, I text my mom and some of my friends. I’ll send a photo of myself wearing it, and then I hear what they have to say about it. If you have a friend who likes fashion or is someone who knows your style well, go shopping with them! Ask them what they think of outfits. You can even ask them to create an outfit for you; this can be a really fun thing to do and can also introduce you to new styles that you might have not thought about wearing before.

Tip 5: Patience is a virtue… even when it comes to shopping. Don’t force yourself to shop, and if you know you need an outfit for an upcoming event, don’t wait until the last minute. Always give yourself plenty of time because stores put out new inventory weekly and the last thing you want to do is buy something that you end up not loving or feeling comfortable in.

I really hope these tips are valuable and can help some of you. I’m also thinking of everyone during this time of uncertainty right now; I hope you’re all healthy and doing well!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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