Wear a Dang Mask!

Hey everyone!

Masks have become a staple accessory amidst the COVID-19 outbreaks. I cannot stress this enough, but please: wear a mask! Wearing a mask is so simple and not only protects yourself, but also protects others! Of course, you can always buy and wear disposable masks, but they’re not that great for the environment and the straps aren’t compostable. If they’re left in landfills, who knows what kinds of animals could accidentally digest the straps? Besides being better for the environment, let’s be honest: reusable masks are way cuter. Don’t believe me just yet? Here’s a list of different shops where you can buy your very own reusable masks from!

Floral Face Masks from SSweddings on Esty ($11.90)

Tie Dye Face Masks from LittleMiaBella on Etsy ($8.00)

Solid Face Masks from LittleMiaBella ($6.00)

Cotton Face Masks from KARAFASHIONLA on Etsy ($4.99)

Neutral Face Masks from KARAFASHIONLA ($4.99)

Sahara Metallic Reversible Masks from MalionneHair on Etsy ($15.50)

Pack of Masks from Shop Resa ($30.00)

Reusable Face Masks from Francesca’s ($10.00)

Desert Dreamer Reusable Face Mask from Urban Outfitters ($12.00)

Bauble Bar Set of 2 Face Masks ($12.00)

Bauble Bar Set of 3 Face Masks ($18.00)

Set of 3 Face Masks from Kitsch ($12.00)

Talk to you soon, and stay safe!

-Emily Berrol

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