Fashion Feeds to Follow

Hey everyone!

As requested, today I’m going to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow with fashion related content. While not all of these girls are fashion bloggers, they each have their own individual sense of style and run such amazing feeds. I personally love discovering new accounts to follow and get some inspiration from, so I hope this post is helpful!

Delaney Childs (@delaneychilds): I love Delaney’s account; it’s one of my favorites that I follow! She pretty much posts daily, and she also runs a blog and YouTube channel that are just as great. I love that she styles both girly and edgy outfits. She posts a lot on her Instagram story where she shares discount codes and product links which is so helpful if you want the exact item she’s mentioned. Overall, she has a super positive and uplifting attitude which makes following her even better!

Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat): Danielle is one of the first bloggers I’ve ever followed and is so incredibly successful. I’ve always loved her style and to see how she pairs pieces of clothing and accessories. She also shares a lot of her business ventures on her page which is great if you have an entrepreneurial spirit like myself. You can tell that she works really hard on all of the content she puts out and that she’s truly passionate about fashion.

Jaci Marie Smith (@jacimariesmith): Jaci is not necessarily a fashion blogger, but her feed is so cohesive and pretty! She does a really great job when it comes to color combinations. Her style is casual but extremely well put together. She also has an amazing podcast that I like to listen to, as well as a YouTube channel.

Devon Carlson (@devonleecarlson): Devon’s style is so chic and fun. I feel like she puts together pieces that you normally wouldn’t consider pairing together but then makes it such a good look. She also thrifts a lot of her pieces which I find really cool; it’s always interesting to see how she styles her latest finds. Devon’s account is a must follow.

Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow): I started following Victoria years ago now, and she’s also one of the first bloggers I ever started following. Her style is so classy; her Instagram photos look like they were taken straight out of a magazine. She has that editorial style when it comes to her content, and her blog is no exception. She’s also a great person to follow if you’re interested in luxury and designer pieces because she’s always sharing her latest purchases and talking about what’s new in fashion.

Kemper Baugh (@joandkemp): Kemper runs this Instagram account with her husband, Jordan, but she has plenty of pictures that highlight her amazing sense of style. She also has that casual yet chic style; I feel like she just has an eye for pairing pieces together and making them look so pretty (she actually used to be a stylist, which explains a lot of that). I love checking out her page when I need some outfit inspiration or new places to shop at.

Hopefully you all have found some new accounts to follow and check out! If you have anymore that you think are worth checking out, definitely leave them in the comments below!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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