Mini Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Under $60

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe that it’s already February which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I thought I’d make a mini gift guide for you if you have a valentine this year and don’t know what to get them that won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

From left to right:

Milano Scrunchie in Pink Heart from Free People: This scrunchie is so cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love the style of it and the hearts on it are adorable. Free People always has the best scrunchies that last a super long time and are worth the money.

Winky Lux pH Flower Balm in Pink from Anthropologie: I’m sure you’ve seen these lip balms all over the internet because they’re clear and have a flower encased inside them, but they are really nice! I have this one and it adjusts to your pH levels to give you the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone. It also smells like vanilla which is an added bonus!

Sweetheart Enamel Signet Ring from Anthropologie: This is the most expensive item on this gift guide but it’s just so cute that I had to include it. It’s such a sweet little ring that would look so good with other layered jewelry or on its own. It’s from the brand Tai which is one of my favorite jewelry brands ever because they have the prettiest pieces that last for a long time.

Harper + Ari Valentine Bath Bomb in Perfect Match from Anthropologie: The packaging on this bath bomb is really pretty and it comes in several squares so you can use it multiple times!

Cotton Face Mask 3pc Set in Blush from Kitsch: These masks are adorable and you can get a pack of three for only $12! I really want to buy a pack because they have multiple layers and come in really cute patterns. This set would be perfect to give someone for Valentine’s Day since it comes in a pretty pink color.

Mer-Sea & Co. Body Cream in Coconut Sugar from Anthropologie: I love this body lotion! I got it in a Fab Fit Fun box, and it did not disappoint. It smells amazing like vanilla coconut and comes in a really large tube so it will last forever.

Cridoz 12 pcs Acrylic hair Clips from Amazon: I saw these on Amazon and they have really good ratings! I love that you can get a set of 12 in various styles and colors. These are a great accessory or can even be used to hold your hair back while you do your makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this mini gift guide! I personally really like these items, and I hope you do too.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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