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Triangl Swimwear has always been popular. They’re a brand that can be seen all over Instagram pages and social media sites. I decided this year that I would purchase some of their swimsuits for the summer. Here’s how I feel about the bathing suits.

When I first received the bathing suits, I was a little bit scared about whether they were going to fit or not since I had ordered the two online. As soon as I tried them on, I was so happy with the fit and the material. The bathing suits are made out of neoprene, which feels just like what wetsuits are made out of. They are tight fitted, but not too tight that you’ll need to purchase a size up. They’re true to size and they aren’t the kind of bathing suits that show too much skin.

The swimsuits also have such a cute design. I got the Chloe bikini in the color California Coral and the Black Neon bikini in the color Pink Rush. I love that the Chloe bikini ties around your neck and back while the Black Neon bikini has straps and a clip (similar to a tank top). I also love that you can mix and match them if you would like to.

Since the swimsuits are neoprene, they (Triangl Swimwear) tell you to make sure you keep them flat when you are not wearing them so they do not crease. They also advise you to wash them out with cold water after they have made contact with chlorine or salt water so that the color doesn’t fade.

The color of the bikinis are pretty similar to how they’re described online. They will become a brighter shade of their natural color when they are in water.

Because of the sun, the swimsuits do fade a little bit. Mine haven’t faded completely, but I do notice that there are certain areas that have become lighter. It’s not very noticeable though and it’s bound to happen to any bikini, so don’t let that stop you from purchasing a Triangl swimsuit if you’ve been considering it.

The two swimsuits I got were both $79 plus $20 for shipping. I realize it’s expensive, but it is honestly SO worth it! They’re really fashionable and fit amazingly. I know that they’re going to last me a super long time.

They also both come in a drawstring beach bag that you can store them in when they’re not being worn.

Overall, I highly recommend Triangl Swimwear. They have many different styles of bikinis. Simple bathing suits with little details are really in right now for summer.

Here’s what I’ve mentioned in this blog post:

Chloe Style Swimuit in the color California Coral by Triangl Swimwear

Black Neon Swimsuit in the color Pink Rush by Triangl Swimwear

Here’s a link to Traingl’s website:

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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