Metallic Madness






Metallic temporary tattoos are very popular at the moment. You can see a lot of different stores selling them with their own brand name. I picked up these ones from the brand Tassel Tattoos.

I personally really love this brand. Tassel Tattoos have a variety of different types of tattoos included in their packs. I’ve noticed that that can be hard to find when looking at other brands. Instead of just having tattoos that can be bracelets, they have ones that are big enough to put on your hands and ones that are small enough to put on your fingers. They come in a variety of designs. You can pick between so many different styles of tattoos. They have some that are just gold and silver, but they also have ones that have turquoise and coral on them as well. I love that there are so many options.

The two packs that I am showing up above in the photos are the “Goodness Goddess” pack and the “Take Me To Goa” pack. They both have amazing designs and the quality is great. I’ve noticed that the tattoos will stay on through a lot, including putting sunscreen on and getting them in water. Mine usually last at least four days.

You put the tattoos on with water, just like any other temporary tattoos. If you would like to remove them early, you can use coconut oil and baby oil and they will peel off.

After you apply the tattoos, make sure that you let them dry for about ten minutes before you move. I put a tattoo on my hand before I put the silver one on but I moved my hand too quickly and the tattoo wrinkled.

The packs of the tattoos come with two sheets and are each $22.

Overall, I think metallic tattoos are really cool and edgy. They’re an extra accessory to any outfit. As you can see from the photos, they look really beautiful once they’re on. I’m surprised at how long this metallic tattoo trend has gone on for, but I don’t blame people for liking them so much! They’re unique and can look great with any outfit.

I added a few rings with my tattoo. I think that jewelry looks really awesome added to this  look. If you wanted to leave your tattoo by itself, you absolutely could since it’s already very sparkly and shiny.

I also always get compliments when I wear these.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Tassel Tattoos from the Take Me To Goa Collection

Moonstone Ring from Sundance

Pink Amethyst Ring (I got it on vacation and I don’t know the name of the store.)

Zoya Nail Polish in the color Nimue

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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