Summer Fringe






Before I begin, I just want to say that if you’re wondering why my blog may look a bit different, it’s because I did recently change the layout on here! I really like how it turned out! I also made sure to include my Instagram account to the right of my home page. If you want to know ahead of time when I will be uploading a new blog, I update on there a lot! Make sure to check it out if you’re interested.

Enough with the self-promotion though. Let’s talk about fringe.

Fringe has been (and still is) a major trend! The first time I ever saw fringe making a statement was on the last season of Project Runway. Designer Sean Kelly is one person that really had a major impact on fringe. It became his signature “look” on the show. I loved his outfits and the concept of fringe, but I had no idea that it was going to continue on being a trend! When I saw this shirt, I knew that it would be a great piece to style and that it would make a really good blog post.

I wanted to style a look that was a little bit bohemian, so I put a few different styles and colors together. The shirt that I am wearing is from ASOS, but the brand is Vero Moda. It is a plain white top, but at the bottom is has an intricate woven design that leads to a ton of fringe! I really like the length of the tassels because it’s long, but not long enough that it will cover the pants that you choose to wear under it. The shirt is made out of a nice, loose material and it fits really well! And obviously, as you can tell from the photos, the fringe swishes back and forth as you walk or spin. It’s a really fun piece.

The shorts that I’m wearing are a light denim color. They are frayed at the bottom and have rips just under the front pockets. I really like mixing light denim shorts with white tops, so this looked great together! The white looks amazing on top of the light blue. These are some of my favorite shorts that I have gotten over the summer!

I put a brown, woven belt on top of the shorts. Belts have also been a major fashion trend lately. I really like that this one is a chocolate color with a gold buckle. It fits extremely well and looks great with just about any pair of pants. I’ve noticed that belts can really give an outfit that extra edge that it needs. Alongside the belt, I am wearing a pair of black boots. I love these boots so much! Even though they have a little heel, they don’t hurt when you’re walking around in them. They go with basically anything, too. I really wanted a pair of just basic, black ankle-boots, and these are perfect! I like that you can wear them with shorts or a dress. It really just depends on what you’re going for.

All in all, I love the mix of the light, ripped denim, the fringe covered tee, the boots, and the belt. I don’t think people would generally tend to pair these colors together, but I’m glad that I did. It looks fashionable and fun.

You can dress the outfit down more by wearing a pair of Converse and removing the belt. If you add a pair of long jeans, the outfit would be automatically a little less casual, but not too dressy.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Vero Moda Fringe White T-Shirt from ASOS

Light Denim, Ripped Shorts from BP (in Nordstrom)

Brown Woven Belt with Gold Buckle from Sugar

Black Leather Boots with Side Zip (brand is BP; you can find them at Nordstrom)

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch. You can click here to read my last blog post about it or find the exact name of its style

Noodles Nail Polish in the color Grape Going

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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