Casual Cats







This is a new outfit that I got recently, and I think that it’s great for the end of the summer/beginning of fall. It’s casual, but still has a sophisticated vibe to it with the boots and skirt.

If you’re a cat lover like me, you will love this t-shirt that I’m wearing. It has a little pocket, and if you look closely, you can see that there is a little cat coming out of it. It’s adorable! This shirt looks great with so many different pants or skirts. You can either tuck it in or leave it hanging out. I did both, and I found that it looked cute either way. The shirt has a scoop neck and is a good length (long, but it won’t cover your pants). I really like how easy it is to pair with other pieces of clothing. Most importantly, it has a cat on it. Cats and fashion, two of my favorite things…

I have seen a lot of people wear a skirt like the one that I have, except very rarely will I see it in black. I love the color of this skirt! It is made out of black denim, and it fits really well. If you are going to buy this skirt, I recommend that you either try it on or order a size up, because the waist runs small. Besides that, the skirt is fitted around the waist and then flares out. It has buttons going down the front of it. These skirts have been really popular lately! I’ve seen them all throughout summer, but I believe that they’d be a great skirt for fall too. You can wear this skirt casually or dress it up.

The two other things I’m wearing are a pair of boots and my watch. I think that boots look great with skirts. They make the outfit look really put together. I already have talked about these boots in my last blog post. They are incredible, and they look amazing with this outfit. Once again, I think these would look great in autumn. The watch that I’m wearing is my rose gold Michael Kors one. I think that it’s a nice accessory for this look. It adds to that sophisticated vibe that I was talking about earlier.

I think that you could easily throw a jean jacket over this and add a purse to have a really easy, but put together fall outfit. I can also imagine wearing this with a pair of Converse or flats.

This is a look that you can play around with a lot. No matter how you wear it, I am sure that it will be perfect for the upcoming season.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Cat Out of a Pocket T-Shirt from Urban Outfitters

Black Denim, Button Down Skirt from Topshop

Black Leather Boots (from Nordstrom, but the brand is BP)

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (you can check out my blog post on it here and find the name of it)

Noodles Nail Polish in the color Grape Going from Etsy

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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