Emily’s Edge: Fashion Q and A


I decided that I would do something a little bit different for today’s weekly-blog post. I am going to be doing a Q and A all about fashion/fashion blogging. I personally find it really interesting when other people do these kinds of blogs. It’s a great way to hear other’s opinions and to get to know them better!

If you don’t know what a Q and A is for some reason, “Q and A” is short for “Question(s) and Answer(s)”. I had some of you ask me some fashion related questions on my social media, and I am going to answer them here!

1. What are your tips for affording clothes/jewelry/etc.?

I know that you have probably heard this answer one thousand times, but save up your money and don’t spend it on anything you don’t really want! I consider myself very lucky because my parents buy a majority of my clothing, but I have saved up for items in the past that I had really wanted (and that were expensive). It is one hundred percent possible to do so, even if right now it feels impossible. There is no point in buying something that will only be able to be worn once or twice. Make sure that what you’re saving your money for is an item that can be worn or styled in many different ways! (I recommend buying whatever you’re looking at in a basic color; it will allow you to wear it on a day-to-day basis.) Also make sure that you’re going to buy the clothes or accessory from the right store. Some stores make certain trendy pieces overpriced, while others sell them for a lot less with the exact same quality. I hope this helps some of you!

2. Where do you buy your clothes?

My favorite places to shop for clothes are Topshop and Urban Outfitters. When I’m writing the details about my outfits on here, I realize how much clothing I own from them! Besides that, I buy my clothing at different places. There aren’t specific places that I think “Oh, I have to make sure all of my clothing is from here.” I usually just get clothes that I like. My closet isn’t one brand.

3.How do you choose what to wear for a blog?

I was actually talking to someone about this recently and explaining that it isn’t always really easy (and sometimes it is!). I usually try and plan ahead of time what I am going to wear. It can be really simple at times; sometimes I can just look in my closet and decide what it is that I want to talk about. Other times I have to sit down and write some notes about how to style certain pieces of clothing. Either way, it’s a fun part of being a fashion blogger. You get to try on and mix a lot of different pieces of clothing.

4. What’s your favorite accessory (jewelry wise)?

I am being completely honest when I say that I love all jewelry! One of my favorite accessories to wear is my watch, but I also really love wearing rings! I think that they’re so pretty! Simple bracelets and necklaces are great, too. I think that you all can tell by now that I love jewelry from looking at my past blog posts.

5. What inspired you to start a blog?

I love this question. Nothing specifically inspired me, it was just something I wanted to start. I read a lot of bloggers before I started a blog, and I thought that it was really cool what they did. I never really thought that I would actually start a blog. Even though I loved reading other blogs and could picture myself doing it, I just never really did decide to go and just make one. Finally in July, I was thinking about it again, and I just decided to make one. I’m really glad that I decided to! Emily’s Edge has definitely impacted me in such a positive way! It feels great to share what you love with other people, and have them love it too. It was a really great decision.

6. How did you begin to like fashion?

I liked clothes and shopping when I was younger, and I have always liked putting outfits together. My style has definitely evolved and changed over the past few years. Fashion was something that I kind of just naturally grew up liking.

6. What is your favorite part about running a blog?

There are so many things that I love about running a blog! My favorite part is being able to share with other people what I love. It’s amazing when people enjoy something that you have made or done. Besides just sharing what I love, I also like styling the outfits, writing the blog posts, going out to take the photos, designing my blog, hearing feedback… basically everything!

7. What’s your favorite piece of clothing (dress, shorts, skirt, etc.)?

I don’t have one clothing that I like more than the others. A lot of clothing items rely on others for a full outfit.

8. What patterns do you like?

I love stripes! They’re so cute, and they go with so much. I also have a pair of jeans with a floral pattern on them, and they are adorable (I wrote a blog post on them here a while back).

9. How do you get your hair so fabulous every day?

First of all, thank you! Second of all, it’s just naturally curly, so it is how it is.

That’s going to be the last question that I answer today! Thank you to everyone that sent in questions! If you want to be involved next time, make sure to check out my social media here so that you can get a notice! I had a lot of fun answering them. I can do this again in the future if you guys liked it! I just thought that I would do a little something different today.

Also, thank you to my sister for making this awesome picture for this post! I love it!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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