Dress(ed) in Gray









I am in love with this gray dress that I got the other day! I wore it out yesterday with a few other pieces, and I think that it’s great for the upcoming seasons.

My dress is from a store called The Closet by Sharon and Nina Segal. I actually bought a dress from this same exact store before, and I loved it (there is a blog post on that dress here)! The brand of this dress is LACAUSA. It is honestly such an amazing dress. It hangs loosely when you wear it, but it still looks like there is shape. It definitely doesn’t drown you. It’s  also sleeveless and has little slits on the sides of it. It looks so cute on! Some people might think that it costs too much for a plain gray dress, but I personally think that it is worth the money. If you’re looking for a universal dress that can be worn in many ways, I highly recommend you think about buying this. It can be layered for the autumn and winter months, but you can also wear it how it is during spring and summer (that sounds like a win-win situation to me). Have I mentioned how comfortable this dress is? I could be in it all day, and I wouldn’t mind. It’s made of really soft fabric. I also like the length. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about dress lengths before for simple dresses like these. Most are way too short, especially if you’re tall. However, I have found that The Closet sells a lot of dresses that are great lengths. They aren’t too long, and they aren’t too short.

I was going for a sophisticated but not too dressy look, and this dress helped me achieve that perfectly. I wore my black Converse hightops, backpack, watch, necklace, and sunglasses. Every accessory helped to make this outfit look put together.

My black hightop Converse give this dress a casual look. I really think that boots would look amazing with this look, and I’m definitely going to wear them another time. As for the Converse, I think that they compliment the dress nicely if you want the dress to be a little bit more casual.

I’m wearing two items of jewelry. The first is my watch. I won’t go on and on about it since I already wrote a blog post all about it (click here to view the post). It really makes my outfit look sophisticated. I think watches are great accessories to any outfit. They give them detail.

The second piece of jewelry that I’m wearing is my silver necklace from Etsy. It has a very tiny heart at the end of the chain. Inside of the little heart, there is an E. I have been wearing this necklace so much lately. It goes with any outfit. I love how delicate it is. Although it’s small, this necklace makes any outfit look really pretty and sweet.

Next, I’m wearing these cat eye sunglasses. This accessory makes this outfit look amazing! I honestly think they’re perfect for this look. They look so classy, especially since I paired it with my dress and the jewelry. The frames are tortoise shell colored. They can dress up any outfit a little bit! I love them so much!

Lastly, I am wearing a backpack. This is the same backpack from Moda Luxe that I have worn in previous blog posts. (This is my last promo on this blog post, I promise, but if you want to read a blog post all about this backpack, you can click here.) It can hold so many things. It is just a great accessory for any outfit.

As you’re able to tell, this outfit can be styled in many different ways, with many different accessories. For a night out, I would pair it with boots and a leather or denim jacket. If I wanted to go casual, I would just wear the dress and some sneakers. Of course, for a nice mixture of the two, I would wear this.

I really hope this blog post gave some of you some inspiration for styling causal dresses! I love this outfit, and I hope that you do too. 🙂

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Gray Dress from LACAUSA (bought at The Closet by Sharon Segal and Nina Segal)

Black Hightop Converse from Converse

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (click here for the full post on this)

Silver Heart Necklace with E Initial from Etsy

Tortoise Shell, Cat Eyed Sunglasses from Topshop

Black Backpack/Handbag from Moda Luxe (click here for the full post on this)

Opal Moon Earrings from the brand Boma

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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