Project Runway Season 14: New York Fashion Week Review









DISCLAIMER: These photos are not mine and were taken from the Lifetime website. Please click here to be taken to it. The designers of these looks are:

First and second picture: Designer Edmond Newton

Third and fourth picture: Designer Ashley Nell Tipton

Fifth and sixth picture: Designer Kelly Dempsey

Seventh and eighth picture: Designer Candice Cuoco

If you would like to see Lifetime’s gallery of photos from the finale collections, please click here.

In no way am I claiming these photos as my own.

All opinions that are stated are mine! I might not say everything you want to hear in this blog post because I am going to be completely honest. It is okay to have your own opinions about these collections.

Hello everybody!

I decided that I would do a review of the New York Fashion Week collections from the Project Runway Season 14 designers! This is going to be a different post for me, but I wanted to try something new! I hope you love it.

I love Project Runway. It’s my favorite show to watch. I knew as soon as Project Runway started that I wanted to make a blog post about it.

The second half of the finale episode aired last Thursday, November fifth. I’m going to review the collections one by one in the order they appear in the photos on this post.

Let’s start off with Edmond Newton’s collection. I really liked Edmond as a designer. I have to say that he was probably my favorite designer from season 14. He made some looks that were well thought out and nice throughout the season.

His runway collection was definitely a lot simpler and more basic then some of his other designs that we’ve seen in the past. I was surprised that he had very minimal color, however, some of his looks are my favorite from the whole runway show. I wasn’t a major fan of the ruffle design he did. That was one of his signature looks, and it just didn’t look great to me. I preferred the more simple dresses. The first picture of this blog post is my favorite dress he made. I love how it’s a little bit edgy, but also basic.

You could tell that he tried to listen to the judges critique, which was good. Some of his designs had too much going on for my taste, and others were a little too boring.

I still liked a good amount of his pieces.

In general, his collection was more of a winner than a loser for me, and he deserved the place he got.

The next collection is Ashley Nell Tipton’s. She made a plus size collection, which has never been done before on Project Runway. She stated from the beginning of the season that that was the work she wanted to do. I personally think it’s really awesome that she followed through with her idea.

All of her outfits were in pastel colors. It was nice to see some different colors. She did a really great job of making sure her pieces fit the models well in the end. You could tell that she made the girls feel really confident and happy. It’s great when a designer can make clothes that people want to wear.

I wouldn’t wear any of her clothes in her collection just because it wasn’t my style, but I can tell that a lot of people would love to. The two pictures that I showed from her collection are my favorite looks that she made.

I think that she had a well-deserved win because she listened to the judges, made what she wanted to make, and showed something that was different. Also, the fact that she made the first plus size collection was so cool!

The next photos are from Kelly Dempsey’s collection. I wasn’t a major fan of the patterns that she used, but the main thing I loved is that she stayed herself throughout her entire collection. She didn’t try to make her collection look like someone she wasn’t. She won second place in the competition, and I think that she could have easily won first. Even though her collection might not be everyone’s taste, it’s important to remember that she put out a collection that she believed in, and she also remained designing clothes she liked, no matter who hated it or loved it.

Her collection was very unique and had a lot of glitter. You could tell that she was trying to make her pieces look modern for this day and age, but she didn’t hesitate to make it different. I can understand why the judges liked her from the start: her designs are new and fresh.

I agreed with Zac Posen’s critique when he said that he didn’t like all of the mesh. It does remind me of an old figure skating costume I used to have.

Lastly, Candice Cuoco made the outfits in the last two pictures. She wanted to portray strong, powerful people throughout her collection. She made a lot of outfits with varying colors of leather. This was my least favorite collection. I could tell that she had strong designing skills throughout the season, and I feel as if she could’ve used those more. The collection was not cohesive, and some of the dresses looked a little bit sloppy. I give her credit for the work she did, though. It’s hard to design that many pieces, and it’s even harder to be able to show at New York Fashion Week.

Overall though, I don’t really have much more to add about her designs. I didn’t love it.

This was not one of my favorite seasons of Project Runway, I have to admit. There weren’t any collections that really wowed me. I had high hopes for this season after season 13.

Sean Kelly honestly needs to make a reoccurrence, please.

What did you think? Who had the best collection in your opinion, and who deserved to win?

Let me know.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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