Diversity in Fashion: The Fashion Survey

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Hey everybody!

To start off with, I want to say that I am currently very busy, which is why there was no new post last weekend.

I have mid-term exams very soon at school, which require me to spend the majority of this and next weekend studying. Due to this, I am trying really hard to plan a new post for next weekend so that I can get one up for all of you!

I’m sorry for not getting a post up last weekend. I’m sure that a majority of you go/have gone to school and understand the importance of these tests.

However, I did manage to get together a blog post for this weekend, and I’m hoping to get one done for next weekend! I’m working hard to plan ahead for you so that you have something to look forward to.

For this blog post, I really wanted to ask different people about how they felt about fashion and trends. One of the main things that makes fashion unique is the diversity. There are so many different people that are interested in fashion. I see people everyday with their own style.

I decided that it only made sense to ask people about how they felt about style and clothing if I was going to talk about the different opinions.

The majority of them decided to go anonymous because of the fact that this would be on the internet. None of these conversations were edited; everything the person said, I wrote down, but I didn’t include all of the conversation.

Also, I am E in the interviews, and the person being asked the questions is the first initial of their name (A if they’re anonymous). I’m pretty sure all of you can connect the dots and figure out why (hahaha).

Here’s how it went:


Name: Annie

E: What are some fashion trends that you like?

A: The crazy pants with the patterns that are different on each leg. I like the gray style, and how everyone wears gray. One more thing, patterned leggings.

E: What are some trends that you don’t like?

A: That I don’t like? I don’t like crop tops. They’re very ugly. The half in bun, half down hairstyle? That’s pretty ugly.

E: Anything else?

A: I’m good.


Name: Anonymous

E: Are you interested in fashion?

A: Not really.

E: Do you know about trends in fashion?

A: Mmmmm…No *laughs*

E: It’s okay.


Name: Olivia

E: What are some fashion trends that you see on a daily basis?

O: Last year, leggings were really popular.

E: Do you still see this trend now?

O: Yeah. Oh, and I’ve seen girls wear floral skirts and black, scoop neck tops.

E: Thanks!


Name: Anonymous

E: Do you wear any fashion trends?

A: No.

E: Why not?

A: Because I wear my own style of clothing.

E: That’s good, though! Do you think you will ever wear any?

A: Probably, at some time in my life.


Name: Anonymous

E: What are some fashion trends that you like?

A: I really like the keychain things that people put on their bag and I also love the Dior So Real sunglasses.

E: Oh, like the fluffy ones? Dior has a lot of really pretty things.

A: Yeah, the fluffy ones like the Fendi buggie.

E: Are there any trends that you really don’t like?

A: I hate the big belt trend! I don’t like the oversized belts that go over clothing. I forgot to mention that I love the 70’s trend and the athleisure trend.

E: Thanks for answering these questions!


Name: Anonymous

E: What are some clothing store that you like?

A: Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters…

E: What do they sell that you like?

A: Basic clothes that are just casual.

E: Like, that you can wear with anything?

A: I guess.

E: Why do you think that other people like these stores, too? Both of them are pretty popular.

A: Probably for the same reason that I like them, because they’re basic.

E: Okay thanks!


Name: Holly

E: What are some of your favorite clothing pieces?

H: Jeans (really comfy ones that you love so much), cute skirts that you can wear with anything, and I love my vans, Uggs, and combat boots.

E: What trends do you not like?

H: I don’t like really, really short skirts with a cropped shirt I guess.

E: Thanks for answering!

As you can see from these conversations, a lot of these people have varying styles. Some of them like clothes that are more basic, while others like designer clothes. Both of these opinions can be considered fashion forward, because style is not one trend exactly.

All of these people have different levels of interest when it comes to fashion. You can tell that some of them are interested in it, while others are not. Some of them come from the same city, and some of them don’t. Some of them grew up hearing about fashion, but not all of them did.

These people all have different backgrounds, which allows them to be able to dress in different ways. If you like patterned leggings but not crop tops, you probably won’t be dressing like the person that loves Brandy Melville.

This survey represents how different people and fashion are. I didn’t have to ask many questions in order to get different responses.

It’s important to accept the differences of fashion. People see and like different trends than we do. If I was asked these questions, I would definitely respond differently to some of them.

That’s okay, though. There needs to be different opinions when it comes to style. We wouldn’t be able to have some of the 70’s trends still if we only listened to one persons’ ideas of fashion.

There is no “correct” view when it comes to style and fashion. We are all different, which makes our clothing choices different, too.

I just thought that this might be something interesting to think about. It definitely opened my eyes when I started interviewing everyone. It’s crazy how much fashion you can see, and how that might be different in someone else’s eyes.

Would you guys like to see more posts like this?

You all really enjoyed my last post 🙂

Thank you again to all of you. There were so many of you this week that checked up on here even though I was gone.

Talk to you soon (I promise)!

-Emily Berrol

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