Lux Nail Polish Review

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Hi everyone!

I’m back! I know that I didn’t upload last weekend, but I was still really busy with school. I wanted to wait until I could make a quality blog post, instead of just rushing and putting one together.

From now on, I will be continuing to upload every week, unless I state that I cannot. I always post/tweet on my Instagram and Twitter when I have a new blog post up (or when I can’t put one up), so if you’re ever unsure you can just take a look there (links to all of my social media are here).

Anyways, today I am going to be reviewing this nail polish by Zoya. How beautiful is this color? I think it’s perfect for the holiday season!

This nail polish is in the color Lux. I feel like this is a perfect name for it, because it looks so elegant and pretty when you put it on. It is part of the Zoya Pixie Dust collection. I have four nail polishes from this collection now, and I highly recommend it. It’s really cool, because once the nail polish dries, it has a rough texture and feels like pixie dust/grains of sand.

Lux is a sparkly, pink shade. It has big flecks of silver, holographic glitter, as well as some small glitter that is mixed in with the nail polish. You can put one coat of this nail polish on if you want a really simple look, or you can build it up to make it really glittery. I put two coats on that were not very thick, but I was still able to get them to look like I had layered more on.

A lot of glitter nail polishes are meant to be top coats, which requires lots and lots of coats to make it an actual nail color. That is not the case with this polish. The glitter is all mixed well with the polish, so it’s not going to take you five hours to have a complete manicure.

When it came to applying the nail polish, it was not super difficult. You apply it just like any other nail polish because the nail polish does not have its rough texture until it is completely dry. Even after one coat is dry, it is still easy to apply a second one.

One thing that I would definitely recommend about the pixie dust nail polishes is to let them dry for at least 10 minutes! I know it sounds like a lengthy process, but sometimes the polishes can feel dry, while underneath they are still wet. You don’t want to think that they’re dry and then go smudge them (trust me on this one, I’m talking from experience).

This nail polish has also lasted a while when I have used it in the past. It generally lasts at least two days without any major chips.

Zoya is also a really great nail polish brand. I would recommend them. Their nail polish is never streaky when applying it, and the finished product looks amazing. They have a variety of colors and collections too, so if you’re interested in getting a polish from them but not in this color, go and have a look! (Click here to be taken to Zoya’s website!)

The only negative thing I can say about this nail polish is that when I was applying it to one nail, not all of it would dry completely! I found it a little bit strange since all of the other times I have used these polishes, I have had no problem. (I wouldn’t let this stop you from getting one.)

Overall, I really am glad that I picked up yet another one of these polishes. They are easy to apply, and the final outcome looks so nice.

If you’re looking for last minute stocking ideas for Christmas, I recommend these!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish in the color Lux (click here to be taken to this exact color)

Rose Gold Rings from The Grove (I can’t remember the name of the vender I got these from!)

Thank you for reading and checking out my blog. It feels good to be back!

Talk to you soon (next week)!

-Emily Berrol

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