2015 Recap: Popular Fashion Trends of 2015



Hello everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate it, and if not, are having a great holiday and are ready for the new year!

Speaking of the new year, 2015 is coming to end, and I am excited to see what 2016 holds when it comes to fashion. I wanted to do a recap of some of the most popular fashion trends of 2015, so I thought about them and did some research. Here are a few:

Athleisure Wear: This was such a big trend this year for both women’s and men’s fashion. I can spot someone everyday wearing athletic clothes, whether they’re going to the gym or not! This was an especially popular trend when it came to running and workout leggings. Everyone seemed to own a pair!

Man Buns: That’s right, I said it. Although many people do not fully support this look, there have been many people sporting a man bun. It even got to the point where companies were selling fake, clip-on man buns! That’s a little bit far if you ask me, but many people liked this trend (and many did not)!

Floral Prints and Accessories: Many runway shows had dresses, suits, and so much more pieces of clothing with floral designs. Dolce and Gabbana uses a lot of unique patterns and prints, and their runway shows had a floral element to some of the clothing. We can also look at Chanel’s Spring 2015 Couture Collection, where they not only had a floral background for the runway, but also added some small flowers to the bottoms of skirts or the tops of hats.

Backpacks as Handbags: This is a trend that I still continue to love. Many people wore backpacks as handbags this year. They’re an easy way to have your hands free but still wear something stylish. Big designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors still continue to sell these bags. I think that we will be seeing this fashion statement in 2016.

Fur: I saw fur (faux and real) on basically everything this year. Some of the most popular were fur coats and keychains. A lot of young teenagers started clipping the pom pom style keychains to their bags this year. I recently have also started seeing long strands of fur on shoes.

Chokers: People went crazy for all different kinds of chokers this year. One of the most popular kind were the tattoo chokers, but there were also some that were made of metal and fabric as well. I have seen articles written up about this trend, too!

Lululemon Leggings: This could technically be included in the Athleisure section, but I decided to give them their own category because of how popular they were among teenagers. I personally prefer to wear jeans over leggings, but I know a lot of people would disagree. These leggings were the substitute, and if you haven’t seen them this year…well, you probably haven’t been looking closely enough.

Lace Up Tops and Bodysuits: I saw so many pictures of people wearing these with a pair of shorts and a big belt. I also saw clothing stores selling these with varying colors and styles (have you checked Urban Outfitters lately? They have lots of these still if you want one). They’re an easy piece to style, but they also manage to make you look like you’re wearing a really well thought out outfit.

Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1 (shoes): Adidas and Nike are both great brands for athletic wear, and I heard about these shoes a lot. Both pairs of these shoes are sneakers that tuned in to major fashion statements. Besides that, these brands had other clothing items meant for athletics that got worn outside of the gym.

Big Belts: Belts made a comeback especially during the summer. They were mostly seen with shorts, but that didn’t stop people from putting them on other pieces of clothing. Belts with big buckles were especially popular.

Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses and Quay Australia Sunglasses: The Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses were very popular. They had a unique frame, and it seemed like so many people wore them, even celebrities like Rihanna. The Quay Australia sunglasses were also a big hit (and less expensive). They come in a variety of frames and colors, perfect for the everyday person!

These are obviously only a few of the trends that I have seen. There have been so many more throughout this year.

Did you have a favorite trend? What do you think 2016 will bring?

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Cold Shoulder Top from Topshop

Blue Floral Pants from Topshop

Low Cut ‘Fancy’ Converse in white from Converse

Backpack/Handbag from Moda Luxe (full blog post here)


Adidas Superstar shoes from Adidas (full blog post here)

What I’ve mentioned:

Urban Outfitters- Lace Up Tops (click here to be taken directly to their website)

Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses (click here to be taken to Dior)

Quay Australia (click here to be taken to their website)

Lululemon Leggings (click here to be taken to Lululemon’s website)

Adidas Superstar shoes (click here to go to Adidas)

Nike Air Force 1 shoes (click here to go to Nike)

Dolce and Gabbana (click here to go to their website)

Chanel (click here to visit Chanel’s website)

Rebecca Minkoff Backpacks (click here to go to her website)

Michael Kors Backpacks (click here to go to his website)

That’s a lot of links!

Thank you for a great year on Emily’s Edge.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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