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Hi everybody!

To start off with, I want to say sorry for not posting last week due to the exams I had to prepare for. On the bright side, I have just started summer break so expect lots of more blog posts. If you were here last summer when I started Emily’s Edge, you’ll know that I literally did not have a posting schedule and was on here lots. I’m really excited to be doing that again for a few months.

As I was planning ideas, I realized that I have never done a “collections” blog post for you before. It seems only right that I upload one, so I decided that I would share my favorite boots and sneakers with you. These are only seven pairs of some of my favorites. I couldn’t show you all of my sneakers and boots, or the rest of my shoes, because it would be one long blog post.

I’m sure most of you have seen these before, but I’ll be addressing them in more detail. I am going to be starting by talking about the top left pair in the back row (in the first picture), and end by talking about the last pair to the right in the front row. Besides that, these aren’t in any particular order.

Black Ankle Boots from BP: You guys have seen these boots so many times on here. They are really classic black boots from Nordstrom. They can be a serious outfit changer if you’re wearing something causal and want to dress it up a little bit. They also have a small heel, and zippers on the side of them. They are black leather. Nordstrom also sells these in a few other neutral shades if you’re interested!

White “Fancy” Low-cut Converse: I wore these shoes to school multiple times a week (hence why they’re so dirty), and I like them so much better than the signature converse without the hightops. These are more flat on the bottom and low-cut. Converse are so easy to throw on with any outfit, and I especially liked to wear these ones when I was wearing darker colors. These add a bright accessory to your outfit.

Patent Leather Dr. Martens: Out of all the shoes I’m showing, these are the only pair that have not been shown on my blog. I used to be obsessed with these boots. I would wear them with skirts and jeans. I still do like them. They are super comfortable after you break them in, but before that they are a bit stiff (definitely don’t wear these for a long period of time when you first get them). They are also so shiny, and I have had mine for a couple of years now, and they don’t have any scuffs on them. I really hope people start wearing these a lot again, because I think they look adorable on.

Adidas Superstar Shoes: I already wrote a blog post on this, so I’m not going to go in full detail. I love these shoes so much. They are super comfortable, and I like that they’re white with black details instead of the other way around.

Black Hightop Converse: I love these Converse! They are my favorite pair that I own. Since they are black, they don’t get super dirty and the fabric hasn’t faded at all since I got them.  They are really causal shoes and go with everything. I definitely recommend getting at least one pair of Converse high tops because they are so easy wear.

Black Suede Pointed Boots: These boots are so chic on. They are one of my favorite pairs! I love that they have a pointed toe. It makes them more interesting. These shoes are also so tight/form fitted. If you wear a pair of jeans, they don’t make your jeans puff out where the shoes end. They are more comfortable than they seem. I also like that they’re suede. It’s a small detail, but it makes them so cool! The heel of these shoes isn’t big, so you can wear them casually if you’d like to.

Tan Crochet Boots: I actually got these quite a while ago, but they are unlike any other shoes I own. To start off with, the color of them is tan, which is unusual for me since most of my boots are black. They also have crochet panels at the sides of this cool, swirly pattern. I seriously want to start wearing them again because they are so unique. They can give your outfit a different look because of their color.

That is it for this blog post! If you would like to see more of these (maybe one with my flats and heels), let me know! I hope you enjoyed this!

I will try to link as many pairs of shoes as I can below.

Here’s what I’m showing:

Black Ankle Boots from BP (in Nordstrom)

White “Fancy” Low-Cut Converse from Converse (similar)

Black, Patent Leather Dr. Martens from Nordstrom

Adidas Super Star Shoes (more details and links here)

Black Hightop Converse from Converse 

Black Suede Pointed Boots from Ash

Tan Crochet Boots from Anthropologie

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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