Easy Halloween Nails





Hey guys!

As all of you know, Halloween is next week! I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of Halloween/autumn blog posts I can write for you guys. Making one about Halloween nails seemed like something that I think you all will enjoy. Painting your nails for the holiday is such an easy way to become a little more festive without going all out. I also know that not everyone dresses up for Halloween or goes trick-or-treating, but I think this is such a small and cute idea for anyone!

To start off with, I used a black nail polish and an orange and black confetti one. I started off by applying two coats of the Butter London nail polish in the color Midnight Train. I actually got a set of these polishes as a gift, so I’ll try to link a full sized version of this below. Although it looks like it’s going to be a regular, glossy black nail polish, it actually dries matte. It does not take long to dry at all, and I find that two coats of it creates a really opaque color. I personally would really recommend Butter. Every single time I’ve worn one of their nail polishes, it lasts for so much longer than other regular polishes and looks so pretty. They do tend to be on the more expensive side for nail polish, but investing in a mini set or getting a full sized one is definitely worth it! I just love their brand, and they have such an amazing variety of shades too!

After that dried, I topped it off with three (maybe even four) coats of this confetti polish that my mom got for me from Paper Source. I can’t quite seem to find a name of the shade on the bottle, and I’ve never heard of this brand either. Despite that though, I think this is such an adorable polish for Halloween. I did put many coats on, but that was mainly because I wanted to have a lot of the orange confetti pieces visible. The black ones don’t show up well on my nails since they’re already painted that color, but I like how it looks anyway. If you want both types of confetti to show, I recommend painting this over a white nail polish. I think that would look super cool. Also, this is one of those top coats that doesn’t take forever to dry, even when you do layer it (thank goodness).

That is all that I did to create this look! I know it’s pretty simple, but I think that it looks so cool for Halloween. Let me know if you decided to paint your nails for Halloween, and send me a picture!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! More fall themed posts coming your way soon.

Here’s what I’m showing:

Butter London Nail Polish in Midnight Train (similar here)

Polish Me Silly Nail Polish from Paper Source

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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