My Blogging Essentials





Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be showing you my blogging essentials. Although not everyone has a blog, this might also have some good essentials for you if you like to write, take photos, be organized, and so on!

To start off with, I use this journal from Ted Baker to write all of my blog post ideas in. I have always wanted a really pretty journal dedicated especially for blogging and any other notes I had. A lot of my other journals seem to have pages of equations throughout them from when I’ve been studying. I was super excited to get this one from my sister! Isn’t it just gorgeous? Not only is it beautiful on the outside, but the inside is perfect too! The pages have magenta on the side, and there are ribbons to keep your place in it. I think Ted Baker makes such beautiful, floral things. I think that it’s especially helpful to have a notebook for blogging because it’s good to write any ideas you may have down. You never know when you might be needing a backup plan! Also, for me personally, I love writing notes and ideas down and having them organized in a specific journal. As much as I love to use my computer, I feel much more organized with all of my plans written out. And of course, my notebook is always accompanied by a pen.

My phone is another essential for me. I use it for a lot more blogging related activities than you’d expect. I can take pictures with it, check how my blog is doing each day (in terms of statistics), send pictures to my laptop, and so much more. The camera quality on my phone is really nice, so the photos always turn out well if I have the right lighting and am able to find a good angle. Another great thing is that most people have a phone to take pictures with, so if you’re going to start blogging, don’t feel like you need to get a professional camera right away.

My laptop is where all of my blog posts are written down and where I make them come to life. I find that blogging on a laptop is so much better than blogging on a phone. I have so many more options, and editing is so much easier. There have only been one or two times where I’ve had to use something else for writing on here. I can guarantee that nothing beats the easiness of writing on a laptop.

My last essential may not be too obvious, but it’s somewhere with open air and nature. As all of you have probably noticed, I take most of my photos outside. A lot of the backgrounds are quite colorful and green. I feel like it’s super important to find a place that has natural lighting and a good backdrop for your photos. Everything looks so much more professional and sleek when you find a great background. Also, who doesn’t love an excuse to go out and sit in the sunshine for a few minutes?

I hope this blog post was interesting for you guys! Please leave some recommendations for what you want to see next in the comments below! I’d be so happy to write them for you.

Here’s what I’m showing:

Ted Baker Notebook with Floral Design

iPhone 6 Plus in Gold

Star Phone Case from Sonix (similar here)

MacBook Pro 15 inch

Marble, Matte Laptop Case  (haha)

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol



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