My Thoughts on the recent Vogue Article


Hi everyone,

This is definitely a post that I’m not used to writing, but I thought that it was important to bring up. Before I begin, I just want to throw a little disclaimer out there. These are just my thoughts and ideas. You can agree with them or not, and that’s okay!

As many of you may know, Vogue recently published an article about Milan Fashion Week. This article has created a lot of controversy online because of the way the Vogue editors talk about bloggers. To sum it up, they were basically discussing how they don’t like the fashion bloggers at MFW who change into new outfits every hour and desperately want their photo taken. Sally Singer, the Vogue Creative Digital Director, said this:

“Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe, paid-to-wear outfits every hour: Please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style.”

This quote quite literally describes what they were saying throughout the whole article. If you would like to read the whole thing, there is a link here.

A lot of bloggers are disappointed with Vogue because of this, and in my opinion, I understand why. It’s disheartening to see a company like Vogue, who has a huge impact in the fashion industry, talk about bloggers this way.

I feel like there’s a generous amount of people who just don’t understand blogging. Some people assume that it’s just taking photos, quickly writing, adding a few hashtags, and then publishing it online. These editors obviously feel like bloggers at FW are there to just get publicity and attention. However, most bloggers are there for the same reasons they are: their honest love for fashion.

People do feel threatened by the bloggers making their way up the ranks. These people can have so many amazing opportunities, and some people believe that they’re just “lucky” or are “undeserving” of these experiences. The bloggers that are achieving a lot are very hardworking. Even the bloggers who don’t get much recognition are hardworking. It’s unfair to put these people at a lower level or assume things about them that aren’t true. In order to run a blog, you need to be motivated enough to follow through with it. You have to stay true to yourself and style. For most of us, it’s not to become famous or get attention. It’s simply a way to have a creative outlet where you can personally share your passion.

For me, I spend a lot of time working on this blog. Putting together new outfits, taking photos, editing, writing, managing other activities with this…It’s definitely not the activity that Vogue has in mind. I’m extremely grateful that so many people support me and recognize this.

I encourage other people with blogs to keep writing and publishing their work. Bloggers are important to the fashion industry! It’s more than just trying on clothes and wanting attention.

I must quickly say though, there are so many people in this generation who are so supportive of bloggers. It’s amazing! We should all support each other’s interests rather than becoming jealous or feeling like someone doesn’t deserve their achievements.

How do you guys feel about the Vogue article? I’d be interested to hear.

Sorry that this isn’t a typical blog post, but I think it’s important to consider and share!

Also, happy October! Expect to see more fall themed blog posts really soon 🙂

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

One thought on “My Thoughts on the recent Vogue Article

  1. You are very bright and your analysis well reasoned and thoughtful. You may well replace that editor at Vogue one day. In the meantime, keep blogging. We love what you have to say. Love Dad


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