The New York Diaries – Edition Three

The New York Diaries – Edition Three







Hello everyone,

I have been absent on here for awhile because, well, I’ve been running around nonstop for the past month or so. I went to Chicago, came back home and started school, flew back East to New York, and then came home only to go on a week long school retreat. I’m serious when I say that this is probably the first time I’ve sat down for an extended period of time in a long time.

Anyways, it’s only fair that I make my reappearance with the third edition of my New York Diaries. Surprisingly enough, I have not run out of things to say about this city, and I don’t think I ever will.

I went back to look at another university (my last one before sending in all my college applications, woo hoo!), and stayed there for four days. It was such a great trip. I went to my favorite restaurants there, did lots of shopping, and also ventured outside of Manhattan to look at Brooklyn (I had only been to Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens at the time). As you can imagine, I loved it just as much as I thought I would.

One thing that I really enjoyed about this trip was just walking around and exploring. While my dad was having a meeting, I decided to go out and walk around. It was super interesting to see how much I remembered about certain areas; I would have moments where I found myself knowing where I was walking and what streets and shops were nearby.

I miss New York already, but who knows? I might be living there this time next year.

I promise to keep you guys updated about my future travels and plans. However, we’re going to be focusing on some more fashion now that I’m back 🙂

I’ll have another new post coming your way soon!

Talk to you soon,

Emily Berrol


Up and Running

Up and Running


Well hello everybody!

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a minute. My last blog post was towards the beginning of the summer, and it’s already halfway through the break with no other content on here. What’s up with that?

It doesn’t feel right to just start uploading again without any explanation. So, the full story begins now (bear with me).

Right after summer break started, I went on a trip to Seattle. It was amazing. I got to visit my family, see Into The Ark (a super cool Welsh band that you should totally check out) in concert, and tour Seattle University. It truly was such a nice and peaceful trip, just what I needed after a stressful and busy school year.

Alright, so fast forward to the day after I got back to LA, and I was sick for about a week. It got to the point where I was feeling so ill that I decided to visit urgent care. The doctors there gave me some awesome news – I had mono! YAY!!! (Please know that this is extremely sarcastic. For someone who hustles and works as much as I do, this was a real pain and not the best way to start summer.)

This resulted in me resting for another week before slowly going back to work and resuming my ‘normal’ day to day activities. It’s been a few weeks now, and I’m not going to lie, I’m still recovering. It’s a long process, but it’s finally time that I start uploading on here again. I miss posting, and I miss sharing all of my ideas with you. It’s going to be three years of Emily’s Edge next week, and I appreciate all of you so very much. Thanks for sticking with me through everything that’s been going on!

I hope you’re okay with this kind of chit chat blog post. Expect a new fashion blog post in no more than 24 hours :).

Alright, let’s get this up and running!

Talk to you soon,

-Emily Berrol

I Love Glossier (And You Should, Too)

I Love Glossier (And You Should, Too)


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 6.30.29 PM.png

Hello everyone!

It’s been a minute since I last blogged, but I am back! Quick little update before we start: I’ve been super busy with school and work. However, summer started a couple of weeks ago for me and I’m back to vlogging/blogging!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, it’s no surprise that I love Glossier. A year or so ago, I wrote this blog post on their Balm DotCom and Haloscope. However, over the past year, I’ve accumulated so many more goods. Many of these new purchases have happened within the past month!

I’ve made a few online orders, and even better, had the chance to visit the new Glossier store in Los Angeles! If you’d like to see more of that trip, you can click here to see my vlog!

There have been four products that I have been especially loving lately, so I figured that it would only be fair to talk to you about each! Let’s begin:

  1. Solution: Not only is the packaging so cute, but this product is amazing! I’ve been using it every night as an exfoliator, and then following it up with moisturizer. I personally love how this feels on my skin. It’s almost kind of rough, but not in a harsh and aggravating way, especially if you only use a little bit and follow it with moisturizer. I can tell that this product really exfoliates and cleans my skin from anything that might have still been on it after cleansing. I’ve also noticed that my skin does look better than before. I’m not completely sure if that’s due to this product, but even if it isn’t, I don’t care; I love it nonetheless for how it exfoliates. Additionally, when I received it, I had noticed a little bit had leaked in the package. The Glossier team was so lovely and sent me a backup! This is just further proof that not only are the products great, but the customer service truly cares and wants you to have the best experience!
  2. Invisible Shield: This is the best facial sunscreen I’ve used so far. After trying out a chunky (yep, I said it) sunscreen from First Aid Beauty, I decided that it was only right to buy the Glossier sunscreen and give it a go. And, wow…it did not disappoint! The sunscreen is almost like a gel, which makes a little bit go a long way. This also allows the sunscreen to be applied as a clear layer, as the name suggests. I personally hate when sunscreens smell weird or leave white marks on my face. However, Invisible Shield smells like lemons and works great under my makeup! I have nothing but good things to say about this sunscreen, and will recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a new one!
  3. Lip Gloss:  The lip gloss by Glossier gives such a nice shine to your lips while leaving them moisturized. Even after the gloss has worn off, I can still feel where I had it on. My lips feel nice and hydrated. I personally love keeping this in my bag for whenever I want to quickly throw something on. Not only does it smell like vanilla, but its clear and shiny formula will look amazing on anyone and is the perfect staple for your collection!
  4. Lash Slick: Okay, I had to save the best for last. I’m going to say it: THIS IS THE BEST MASCARA I HAVE EVER TRIED. It only felt right to put that in all caps, because I’m a big fan of mascara and not the easiest critic. However, Lash Slick does everything I’ve ever wanted a mascara to do. Even after 12 hours of wear, my lashes still look full and lifted. I never have black marks under my eyes, giving me what looks like terrible bags. The formula of this product truly does slick your lashes; they look lifted, full of volume, and at their best. This beats any other mascara I’ve tried so far, including the Dior Show mascara which was my favorite.

Have you fallen in love with Glossier yet? If not, make sure to click the names of the products above so that you can get your hands on them. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and this is from someone who is picky about her skincare.

Are there any products that you love from them? I think my next purchases are going to have to be Lidstar in Fawn and Cub, as well as the Mega Greens mask!

It feels great to be back and writing again. Thank you for sticking with me 🙂 you’re the best!

Visit Glossier’s website here!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol