10 Black Owned Businesses to Support

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe! Today I’m going to share a list I’ve compiled of fashion and lifestyle brands that are black owned and created. I’m going to leave a link here to an Instagram post by @maketheirpocketshurtla that does a great job at explaining why supporting black owned businesses is so crucial. As always, I hope you can find some new places that you love from this post, and continue to advocate for the equality of all people regardless of race!


  • SincerelyTommy (@sincerelytommy_): I found this store a few weeks ago on Instagram, and I’ve been following it ever since! Created in Brooklyn, this shop sells a variety of unique items, from patent leather tops to beaded pearl necklaces. I always love checking out the shoes on their website; I find that everything is different from things I’ve seen before. They also have a coffee shop and restaurant, so be sure to support those if you’re local to Brooklyn.
  • Love, Hayley (@shoplovehayley): This store is so trendy and cute! I recently bought a ribbed activewear set from here, and the owner, Hayley, has such a great personality and is so sweet. The store is updated weekly and constantly has new arrivals flooding in; the quality is great, especially for how affordable everything is!
  • Jane Dottie Vintage (@janedottievintage): This is another store that I’ve found has such great things for great prices. When it comes to thrifting and vintage shopping, I sometimes have better luck if I look through things that have already been curated to fit a certain kind of style or store. This shop is perfect for that; they have a variety of vintage pieces to shop from, and everything is already so cute and in great condition. I also really like the scrunchies that they sell. I actually just ordered a pink silk one that I’m so excited for!
  • KRWND (@iamkrwnd): This is an online jewelry store that makes custom pieces and sells gold plated, sterling silver, and solid gold jewelry. They have such pretty, staple pieces. There’s lots of very dainty and delicate items that would look great layered together or on their own.
  • Sustainable Maria (@sustainable.maria): Sustainable and black owned? It almost seems too good to be true, but Sustainable Maria brings this to life. I originally found out about this shop when I came across a really cute pair of their overalls on Etsy. They sell a lot of up-cycled and reworked pieces.
  • Telfar (@telfarglobal): I love these handbags, and I think a lot of their pieces look so luxurious and chic. I really like the shape and style of their bags and also all of the colors that can be chosen from.


  • Label By Three (@labelbythree): This shop sells both clothing and home decor, but I was immediately drawn to some of the vintage home items they have. I saw some floral coasters on there that were super pretty, and they also have jewelry boxes, mirrored trays, vases, etc.
  • Emma Make Studio (@emma.make): Another great Etsy find of mine is Emma Make Studio. There are so many great prints and patterns from this shop that come in a variety of items. I love the wall art she sells, and I’m overall just really into the aesthetic of the shop.
  • Claude Home (@claudehome): If you’re a homeowner or are just looking to window shop, Claude Home has such interesting items. Everything comes in unique, bold shapes that still remain minimalistic and simple.
  • Ron Nicole (@iamronnicole): Ron Nicole makes artwork from plaster and plants straight out of her home garden, making each piece one of a kind. The attention to detail is evident throughout her work.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you new businesses to show some love to! Feel free to leave other businesses in the comments section that weren’t listed above. All the love!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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