The New York Diaries- Edition Two









Welcome back, everyone!

I hope you love the new layout and design of my blog as much as I do. After two and a half years, Emily’s Edge needed to have some updates, not only in layout and design, but also content. I have even more ideas written down that I’m working on writing and getting photos for.

However, when I traveled back to New York last weekend, I knew I had to continue on my New York Diaries series. New York has a special place in my heart, and going there for the second time was a completely new experience!

I actually travelled to Manhattan to look at two schools. Fordham University is my dream college at the moment, so I figured it was time to book another trip and head up there to see the campus. As you can see in the second picture, it is so beautiful. I’m super glad that I got to see it. We’ll have to wait and see if the future takes me to NYC for school. Whether it does or it doesn’t, it will definitely take me back there for even more shopping, quality time with people I love, and amazing restaurants.

While we were there, it actually snowed! Being from Los Angeles, I don’t see snow unless I’m going somewhere cold for a vacation. It actually became too cold for me, and I ended up buying a warmer jacket because my leather one was just not going to do it. (No complaints from me, though. This new teddy jacket is a favorite already, but more on that in another post).

I already miss being able to walk to Urban Outfitters several times a day, the buildings in the city, and being able to really relax and take it all in.

I did so much while I was in New York, and I had such a great time yet again! I did bring my vlog camera with me though, so you’ll get to see even more in my next YouTube video!

There’s so much more content coming your way, and it truly feels so good to be sitting here and writing once again. I hope you guys are having such a great 2018 so far.

Talk to you so, so soon,

-Emily Berrol

Update: Where I’ve Been, YouTube, Etc.

A little picture from one of my Youtube videos.

Hey everyone!

So as you have probably noticed, I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. However, despite the fact that I’ve been absent, I’ve been working on even more content for you!

During the past few months, I have been thinking about creating a YouTube channel as an extension of Emily’s Edge. After getting a camera and filming some videos, I finally did it!

I hope you enjoy my YouTube channel as much as I do. I’ve been having a lot of fun filming videos, and the comments I’ve received so far are amazing. I’m so grateful to have all of your support.

Although I am uploading frequently to YouTube, I will 100% keep blogging. I love sitting down and writing about what I love, and I know you guys enjoy it, too.

I’m super excited to start 2018 while running both my blog and YouTube channel. I have lots of new blog posts and videos coming your way!

If you would like to see my YouTube videos, the link is HERE.

Thank you all so much for the support in 2017! It’s been a great year, and I can’t wait to see what greater, bigger things 2018 has in store for Emily’s Edge.

Lots of love and Happy New Year,

Emily Berrol

My Interview with Olivia

photo nov 18, 3 21 08 pm

Hi everyone!

I have a slightly different blog post today. I recently did an interview with Olivia Roerich, who is one of my friends, fellow cheer team member, and a YouTuber. She has a great series on her channel where she interviews individuals and their passions, and I felt so honored when Olivia asked if she could film me for her channel. I’ve mentioned this several times before, but it’s heartwarming when other people recognize your love and handwork behind something that you do.  Of course I said yes, and then she followed me around last weekend and put this together.

As you can see in the video, I was having a shoot with Alanna. I’m going to put up the pictures from that shoot later on this week in a blog post about my outfit. Until that’s up, enjoy this sneak peek!

Click here to see Olivia’s interview with me.

Make sure to go and subscribe to Olivia while you’re over on her channel! You’ll love her content.

Thank you again to Olivia for putting this together. It’s an amazing video that’s so special to me!

Talk to you later on this week!

-Emily Berrol

My Favorite Apps for Fashion/Style



Whether you’re seeking inspiration, a new wardrobe, or new places to shop, these apps are my favorites for discovering new styles or for browsing!

If you like vintage, check out:

  • Depop: There are so many Depop sellers on the app who sell vintage and unique pieces! If you’re interested in thrifting but not actually going to a store, Depop is a great place for you to start looking at!
  • Urban Outfitters: UO has their own brand called Urban Renewal where they take vintage pieces and redesign them to make the clothing more current. They sell a variety of unique pieces. All of these you can find on their app or website!
  • ASOS: ASOS actually has their own marketplace where you can buy items from their favorite independent shops/brands from all over the world. By checking out this feature, you have the opportunity of thrift shopping at several locations from the comfort of your phone or laptop.

If you need style inspiration, check out:

  • Pinterest: I personally love scrolling through Pinterest and looking at street style. It always gives me an idea of things that I can work into my wardrobe or that I can style differently. I also like the fact that I can save these ideas all to one place and just scroll through them whenever I need a little inspiration.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a great place to follow people and see their daily outfit posts. I love sitting down and looking through profiles of my favorite fashion bloggers to see what they’re wearing and loving at the moment.

If you need new apps to shop at, check out:

  • Topshop
  • Etsy (Etsy is great for jewelry and accessories, and you can find pretty much anything on their app/website! If you’re looking for something specific, check out all of the different sellers and items on there by shopping around!)
  • Urban Outfitters
  • ASOS
  • Free People
  • Depop
  • Nordstrom

What apps do you love when it comes to fashion? Also, would you be interested in seeing a blog post where I steal a celebrity’s style and try to recreate my own version of their outfits? Let me know!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. 🙂

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

My October Favorites





Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking you through some of my October favorites. I haven’t written a favorites post in awhile, so I hope you enjoy this one and find some new favorites of your own! Small disclaimer: these products are not in any particular order and this post was written at the beginning of October.

Number One: Colourpop No Filter Concealer: A few months back, I purchased Colourpop’s new concealer in order to give it a go. I don’t normally wear concealer, but since it was only $6 and had great reviews, I decided to test it out myself. I personally really like it. It blends in well and isn’t drying. However, less is definitely more. I used this for a few days as a foundation and found that it left orange streaks across my face. I would stick to using this for small areas that you want more coverage for. I personally love this with my Bare Minerals powder foundation, and I definitely recommend trying it out. Also, they come in so many different shades which is perfect!

Too Faced Peach Oil Lipgloss in Pure Peach: I got this as a sample awhile ago, but have recently started reaching for it more. I really like the color of this lip gloss. It’s a perfect peachy pink that looks great and natural on the lips. I also really love the consistency of this. You can tell that it’s oil based, but it isn’t watery at all. It also smells just like peaches! Overall, I really like this product.

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Rose: I’ve already talked about this product before, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I really love Glossier’s products, and the balm dotcom is definitely one of my favorites. I love the scent of the rose one, and I’ve been wearing it so often lately. Definitely go and get your hands on one of these!

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Blazing Star: I love this eyeshadow! I’ve been wearing it a lot lately to parties and fun events. It came in this set that I got last year, but if I’m able to find it individually I’ll attach a link. This is like putting pure glitter on your eyes. It’s the most perfect tan shade but it’s packed with so much glitter. If you can, go out and swatch this/try it out! It’s seriously amazing for everyday wear or for a fun night out.

Butter London Nail Polish in Shop Girl and Piece of Cake: As you all know, Butter nail polishes are my absolute favorite. I’ve been loving these two shades recently. Shop Girl is a perfect nude that’s very pigmented and natural. Piece of Cake is a beautiful lilac-y pink. Both of these colors came in a set, and I’ve been loving them this month.

Iced Green Tea: This is a random favorite among the rest, but lately I’ve been loving unsweetened iced green tea from Starbucks. It’s super refreshing and I love sipping on it while I blog or work.

Here’s what I’m showing:

Colourpop No Filter Concealer in Light Neutral 15

Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Pure Peach

Balm Dotcom in Rose from Glossier

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Blazing Star

Butter London Polished Nudes Set 

What are some of your current favorites? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol



My Favorite Looks From NYFW So Far

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


Hello everyone!

For the past few hours I’ve been hopping around the internet looking at a lot of fashion week pictures. I thought it would be fun to put together some of my favorites to share with all of you. Keep in mind that since fashion week isn’t over yet, there are still so many collections that I haven’t seen!

Christian Siriano (pictures one and two): Christian Siriano never disappoints me when it comes to runway shows. His pieces are always so beautiful. I love the dress in the first picture. I think it’s stunning with the big skirt and simple black bodice. I also love the second look because of how chic it is. The pants and blazer fit so well, and I like that you can see the laser cut fabric.

Kate Spade (pictures three and four): I think Kate Spade had a really nice collection this year, and I can definitely tell that it’s meant for spring. I love the strapless dress with the flowers. I think it’s perfect for early next year, and I can totally see a lot of different people wearing it. I also really love the bag and shoes. So many people are wearing fanny packs lately, and her take on one is perfect for those who want to be trendy but look classic. I also really like the next outfit. I find it very different and interesting, which is why I enjoy it so much. The dangling earrings look great paired with the basic suit. Underneath the blazer you have a zip up sweatshirt that kind of gives off an athleisure vibe. I also love the bedazzled slides. Spade took such basic pieces and made them so cool and trendy.

Derek Lam (picture five): I know this might not be to everyone’s taste, but I personally love this jumpsuit by Derek Lam. I think it looks so sophisticated. I’ve seen quite a few pieces with tie fronts lately, so it’s definitely a trend to keep an eye on. I really like the cut of the top with the flow-y legs. It’s such an eye-catching piece!

Zimmermann (picture six): I think that this white dress from Zimmermann is cute and great for spring. I saw a lot of light pieces from their show, and this one stood out to me.  I like the crochet details and the softer version of a bell sleeve. They also have a similar dress with a longer skirt.

Have you been keeping up with NYFW? If so, what are your favorite collections so far?

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

Trust Your Process



FullSizeRender 34

Hello everyone!

Long time, no blog post. I wrote about this outfit last week, but my post unfortunately deleted itself. Fingers crossed that this one goes up successfully! I hope you enjoy it, and I’m sorry for the delay.

I’m going to start off with this super cool tee. I’m loving this shirt right now. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile, and my sister bought it for me as a gift for my birthday. I think the artwork is very cool, and I also love the message. I feel like trusting your process is so important, and that what’s going on is happening for a reason. This is just my interpretation on what the shirt stands for, but I love that it has original artwork and a meaning behind it.

I obviously paired the shirt with my shorts, but I also added on a belt. Silver belts have been pretty in lately, along with the gold Gucci belts. This one is meant to look a little bit western-ish. I got it from Shein, so it was very inexpensive. If you’re looking for a belt that doesn’t cost a fortune, I recommend looking on their website because they have a good selection. My only complaint would be that they’re not the best quality, but it’s all good if you just want an accessory for the time being.

As you can see, I am also still loving my gold necklaces. The golden star choker and the E bar necklace were both gifts, and I love wearing those together with other ones I have (more on that here).

Sorry that this post is kind of short, but I have many more ideas and plans for the upcoming posts. Keep an eye on here!

Thanks for always visiting even when I’m absent 🙂

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Trust Your Process Tee from UO

Joni Shorts in Black from Topshop (now on sale!)

Black Hightop Converse

Black Belt from Shein

Promise to talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol