The Benefits of Fast Fashion

Hi everyone,

I’ve given you plenty of information at this point that highlights why fast fashion is harmful for humanity and the environment. However, many people still find fast fashion to yield benefits in their favor. In today’s post, I will discuss some of the benefits of fast fashion as a way to propose another set of views.

The most obvious benefit from fast fashion is that it’s affordable. Sure, some fast fashion stores have profited off of the fact that many people are trying to buy their items, so they’ve raised the prices a little bit. However, most stores still sell items that are going to be much less expensive than if you were to shop at a 100% locally and ethically sourced store. For example, if you chose to go on a website like Shein, you’re going to be able to buy multiple items for a rather inexpensive amount.

Fast fashion is also accessible. When you think of fast fashion retailers, a lot of the time their company is global, so the clothing that you’re seeing sold here in America is also being sold overseas. This allows consumers to get their hands on items from basically anywhere in the world. If you need something new to wear and aren’t at home, it’s no worries at all because fast fashion allows you to engage with it from different areas of the world.

There’s also the promise of trendy clothing with fast fashion. Many people don’t want to invest a good portion of money on trendy pieces because of the fear that they will go out of style quickly. However, with fast fashion, there is a small commitment to the clothing you buy since it is so inexpensive.

Another positive from fast fashion is the fact that consumers have the promise of getting instant gratification when they shop (remember my piece about the psychology behind fast fashion?). Big fashion labels can make clothing at a faster rate and give it to their customers at an even faster rate, giving them the instant satisfaction one receives when using your purchasing power.

Lastly, fast fashion is good for big companies that can profit off of it. In the end, fast fashion comes down to the fact that we live in a society that is focused on consumerism and always having the latest and newest product. It’s an unfortunate truth to realize because we have to accept the fact that we are the ones driving forth this process.

As always, leave any comments or questions below and I’ll be happy to answer!

-Emily Berrol

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