Fast Fashion 101

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first official post for my capstone project. I figured if we’re going to talk about fast fashion, we need to start with the basics in order to fully understand and grasp what fast fashion even is.

In the dictionary, fast fashion is defined as “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” This definition does a good job at giving you an overview about what fast fashion is, but it’s also important to note what they mean by rapidly producing clothing. Typically, high-end fashion brands will produce and bring out four seasons of clothing per year. These are typically divided into the seasons of the weather, so there’s pre-spring, spring/summer, pre-fall, and fall/winter. As you can see on the runway and at events like Fashion Week, it’s not too common for there to be another “season” of clothing; what is presented will generally fall under one of the main four seasons I listed. Now, this is where we can understand the scope of how rapid fast fashion really is. Fast fashion retailers have about 52 “micro-seasons” a year. Micro-seasons are just what they sound like – a collection of clothing that relates to a very short season. And trust me, these seasons are very short, especially given the fact that fast fashion retailers have a new micro-season every week.

The clothing that is made for these micro-seasons is not meant to last long. To be honest, most of the clothing produced is made with the cheapest materials possible and is meant to no longer be worn after a handful of times. This is because retailers want you to buy into the consumerism and, ultimately, spend as much money as possible (yay, capitalism!).

Another big issue about fast fashion that I need to address in here (and that you’ve already probably assumed) is that it is so detrimental to the environment. As mentioned above, the materials used for fast fashion isn’t of good quality and is meant to fall apart. This means that there is an abundance of fast fashion waste because these materials are not sustainable and eco-friendly. Much of the fabric from these products cannot be broken down, meaning that it will sit in landfills and, ultimately, add to even more waste in the environment over time. According to Fast Company, there is an expected 160 million ton of clothes in landfills by 2050 if we keep our consumer habits the same.

Something else to keep in mind is the exploitation of workers that happens from fast fashion. The production side of fashion can be messy, especially when it comes to fast fashion because garment workers make nowhere near a minimum or living wage. Typically, garment workers will receive 2-6 cents for every piece they make and will work for more than 8 hours at a time. Additionally, these garment workers are typically immigrants who are women or young children. They’ve been promised that if they work at these factories they will have a better life, but the sad fact is that working conditions are a huge hazard. In Bangladesh in 2013, a whole building known as the Rana Factory collapsed while workers were inside. It resulted in many deaths and injuries, and became well-known as an example of the working conditions these garment workers are in. While the collapse was just one instance of the unsafe working conditions, there are plenty of other examples of the same thing happening year after year in the fast fashion industry. I’m going to go into details about unsafe working conditions and underage child labor in the industry, but those will be saved for another post.

I hope what I’ve explained so far makes sense in terms of why fast fashion is problematic and how it’s hurting individuals and the environment.

Feel free to leave any questions you have about anything I’ve mentioned in the comments below, and I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability and/or point you in the direction of a resource that can help clarify.

Stay tuned for another post going into even more detail!

-Emily Berrol

A Look Into Fast Fashion: Welcome to my Capstone Project

Hi everyone!

I am here today to share with you something I have been working on for awhile now.

In January, I started my senior year capstone project. This project encapsulates your passions, what you have learned at college, how to address real world issues using your degree… it’s a big task and lasts a whole quarter (that’s about ten weeks of heavy research and execution). Ever since I became aware of the capstone project, I have known that whatever I will create revolves around fashion and writing. For those who are new here, I am currently studying communications and media with a specialization in journalism; however, for the first two years of college, I was in New York studying the business side of the fashion industry. Even though I no longer take fashion courses, fashion has always been a big aspect of my life and I still incorporate it into my classes that I take now.

One of the things that I’ve been learning about for the past few years is the concept of fast fashion. Besides the fast fashion and sustainability aspects of the courses I have taken in the past, I have chosen to research the two even more.. I find the subject fascinating and pertinent – I think every consumer needs to hear about the fast fashion crisis because of how much it affects the environment, factory workers, and all of us who partake in it.

So, what does this have to do with Emily’s Edge and, more importantly, all of you?

I’ve decided that for my capstone I will create a virtual fast fashion project to display on here. These blog post installments are going to be bigger than what you’ve seen on my blog before; there’s going to be a lot of research and thought that goes behind each post, and I’ll be spending an upwards of 15 hours a week working on content and perfecting it for you.

By the end of the series, I hope that you will personally feel more educated on fast fashion, more conscious of what really is going on in the fashion industry, and ready to take actionable steps moving forward to becoming a more sustainable consumer.

I’m genuinely so excited to kick off the year with these posts. I hope you love reading them as much as I loved dedicating time to understanding and presenting my findings.

Thank you for always reading! Let’s get this thing started.

-Emily Berrol

My Everyday Makeup Favorites

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday! I thought today I would share my everyday makeup favorites as I’ve pretty much nailed down a routine. I wrote a blog post like this several years ago but so much has changed since then! Let’s get right into it.

Born This Way Natural Finish Longwear Liquid Foundation by Too Faced: I love this foundation so much! I’ve been wearing it for years now and I honestly have no complaints. I don’t think anything would ever make me switch foundations because this one lasts all day and has such a nice finish. It says it’s medium to full coverage but to be honest I think it’s more full coverage. You could definitely get away with wearing this without concealer.

Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Longwear Concealer by Too Faced: This concealer is truly amazing and the best one I’ve used so far. It’s great because the shade of it is the same color as the foundation so it’s never hard trying to color match the two. It will seriously cover everything which is great and something I look for in a concealer. I put it on my blemishes and also under my eyes and I feel like it makes me look so much more awake!

The Brow Glue Clear Laminating Gel by NYX: This is a recent addition to my makeup routine. I decided to try this out because I was all out of my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel, and I truly feel like this one may be even better. For starters, it’s a fraction of the price and I notice it holds my brows in place all day. The Anastasia one left my brows pretty stiff after I applied it, and this one doesn’t give your eyebrows that feeling while also still holding them in place.

On-the-Glow Blush by Pixi in the shade Fleur: I don’t switch up my blush very often, but I’m so glad I started using this one from Pixi! It has easily become one of my favorite products in my makeup routine. It gives me the perfect amount of color on my cheeks, and it comes with so much product that I don’t see it running out anytime soon.

Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara by Maybelline: This is the best mascara I have ever used, and I’ve tried a lot of mascaras. This one adds so much volume and really lifts my lashes up which I love. I’ve been asked what mascara I’m using when wearing this and also if I’ve been wearing falsies. It’s just that good, and is truly better than any high end mascara I’ve tried!

Power-full Plump Lip Balm by Buxom in the shade Big O: This is my go-to lip product. I’ve purchased this multiple times because I love the way it feels and looks. It’s nice because the color is a bit different on everybody as I’m pretty sure it adjusts to your PH levels! It’s very minty and just feels like a nice lip balm when you apply it. This shade is also super natural looking and looks like your lips but better.

Those are all of my favorite makeup products right now and what I use everyday! Let me know what your favorite makeup products are by leaving a comment down below.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

Holiday Gift Guide 2022!

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been forever since I posted, but I’m so happy to be back and blogging again. It’s officially my favorite season, and with Christmas and Hanukah right around the corner, I thought it would be great to put together my annual holiday gift guide. I’m making sure that everything I’m linking will arrive before the 25th, so if you buy them now, you’ll be set for the holiday! I also made sure to link items that are no more than $150 as I know gift giving can get expensive!

On-the-Glow Blush by Pixi: This is my favorite blush I’ve ever used. It comes with so much product, blends well, and gives you a sun kissed look. I have the shade Fleur.

Set of Three 14k Gold Monogram Earrings from Anthropologie: I love this set of earrings because each one is unique and can be worn in different ways. I also think it’s a good price for earrings that are 14k gold plated, since each pair is around $27 and has cz crystals.

Shape Tape Best-Sellers Set from Tarte: This is a great gift idea – it comes with a few of Tarte’s most popular products. It’s perfect for any makeup lover in your life.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boots: I am obsessed with these boots. They are so trendy right now, and my boyfriend got me a black pair for Christmas. They feel so comfy and are cute with leggings and jeans.

Nest 7 Piece Fine Fragrance Discovery Set: I recently bought the Wild Poppy perfume from Nest, and it smells seriously amazing. I think a gift set like this would be great as a gift because you never know what smells and notes someone else may like.

Aerie Down-To-Earth Crew Sweatshirt: I put this on my own Christmas list because it looks so cozy. I love the blue color the best, but it comes in so many great shades and would look adorable with some flared leggings.

Checkered Throw Blanket from Amazon – Barefoot Dreams Dupe: This blanket is a little bit pricey, but it is seriously the best. I sleep with mine every night and love how it looks with the rest of my bedding. It’s also supposed to be a very similar material to the Barefoot Dreams blankets but half the price!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve Lip Balm Tube: I have this in strawberry, and it smells so good. I also love how it feels on my lips, and the applicator on the tube is nice.

Rechargeable Makeup Vanity Mirror from Amazon: I honestly am going to buy one of these for myself because the reviews are so good and I feel like this would be amazing for when you travel. You never know what the lighting is going to be like when you do your makeup and skincare, so this is perfect for those times.

Real Techniques Beauty Sponges from Amazon: These are the best beauty blenders I have tried, and they’re so cheap. I use one for my foundation and another for my blush.

Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress from SKIMS: I have seen this dress everywhere, and everyone that I have seen wearing it looks fantastic in it. It’s so flattering on and can be worn year round.

Harry Styles And The Clothes He Wears Hardcover from Amazon: Calling all Harry girls, I’ve found your perfect gift! If you love Harry and his fashion choices, this would be a great coffee table book to give this season.

The Makeup Set by Glossier: I’ve tried all of the products in this set and have enjoyed each one. This would be a great little kit for someone who has never tried Glossier before or wants to try some of their staple items.

Satin Pillowcase 2 Pack Set from Kitsch: So many people talk about the benefits of satin pillowcases for both your hair and skin. This two pack set would be a great gift for someone in your life who is beauty conscious.

Pink Travel Duffel Bag from Amazon: This bag is so inexpensive but such great quality. I’ve used mine on road trips, plane rides, weekends out of town, etc. It has a lot of pockets and honestly a good amount of room considering its size.

I had so much fun making this! Let me know if you’re planning on buying any of these things as gifts this year. ­čÖé

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

My Amazon Workout Picks

Hi everyone!

I thought that for my blog post today I would put together some workout outfit picks from Amazon! Finding clothing on Amazon can be fairly hit or miss, but a lot of these things have really good reviews and I think they are so cute. I hope you enjoy!

Running Girl One Shoulder Sports Bra: I saw Julia Havens wearing this sports bra and it is so flattering on! According to the reviews, it has pretty good support which is great for a $15 sports bra. I honestly think I might purchase one and see how it is for myself!

CRZ YOGA 7/8 High Waist Yoga Pants: I’ve mentioned these leggings before, but they are so comfortable and have stood the test of time! I’ve had mine for over a year and a half now, and I still reach for them. They’re super high waisted but not very tight so if you’re looking for a pair of leggings to suck you in, these might not be the best. I’ve worn mine to the gym before but I also love throwing them on with a hoodie and being comfortable.

Running Workout Yoga Crop Top: These tank tops look like they would be great for working out if you want something that has a little more coverage! We’re not allowed to wear sports bras at my school gym so something like this would be perfect.

2 Piece Activewear Set in Khaki Grey Marl: I honestly love a matching workout set because they make me feel so put together! This one looks really nice and supportive and it’s only $25 for the set which is such a good deal! There are a few different color options to choose from too.

Seamless Yoga Set with High Waist Shorts in Blue: I am obsessed with the color of this set – I think it’s adorable! Based on the reviews, it seems like most people really love this workout set and say it’s great for the gym. I also think you could definitely wear the shorts with an oversized graphic tee and style it that way.

Colorfulkoala High Waisted Yoga Pants: These leggings are another great Amazon find! I especially love the ones that come in the pink suede color – they look so similar to a pair I had from Aritzia!

I hope you guys liked this post and seeing what I found! It feels great to be back and blogging again.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

Life Update – Summer 2022!

Hey everybody!

It feels so good to be back and writing again! I feel like I haven’t written a post in forever, so I thought it would only make sense to post a little life update since it feels like so much stuff has been going on!

For starters, I recently finished up my academic school year in Seattle and wow, I had such a great year! Transferring was difficult because I was going into a whole new major and moving back across the country, but I am beyond happy that I decided to move back to the west coast! I live only 25 minutes from my mom which is amazing because when I lived in New York I only got to see her when I had breaks. Now I can go home and visit her and, of course, my cats whenever I want which I’m so grateful for.

My major has been so much fun! In case you didn’t know, I am currently getting a degree in communications and media with a specialization in journalism. It’s so much different than when I was studying the business of fashion, but I honestly enjoy it more because a lot of my core journalism classes allow me to write frequently which is one of my favorite things. I also recently landed a social media internship with a community organization in Seattle! I’ve been creating content for them for the past couple of months and it’s been fulfilling.

I have so many plans for the summer! I am currently in Portland with my boyfriend, Matt, and we’re staying with his family for a little bit over a week! He is going on a cross country road trip with a few of our friends at the end of the month, and I get to join them on the west coast part of the trip. I’m so excited because he will meet my dad and stepmom for the first time and I also get to show them around California! We’ve been dating for a little over six months now and it has been nothing short of amazing!

When I’m not traveling, I’ll be spending a good portion of the summer working which will be nice because it’s always good to have a source of income and also gain experience! I’m going to stay at my mom’s place for the next couple of months and then I move into my first apartment at the end of the summer! I’m very excited for what’s to come.

Do you guys have any fun plans for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

It was so good catching up with you guys! I promise I’ll be posting a lot more since I have a ton more free time. The next post should be up next week!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

5 Comfy Basics from Aritzia You Need

Hey guys!

As you all know, I love Aritzia and I am all for a comfy outfit. I thought today I would gather my favorite comfy basics from Aritzia that would be great for any wardrobe. I hope you enjoy!

TnaButter Rhythm Jumpsuit: This jumpsuit is seriously so cute! I feel like it would make such an easy and quick outfit because you can just throw this on and then be ready to go. I would personally style this with hightop Converse and a shirt jacket on top. I also really like the Tna brand from Aritzia too; their activewear is amazing and super flattering.

Sunday Best Bliss Cropped T-Shirt: This is the perfect cropped tee. I have a lot of similar style tops from Ariztia and they have become a staple in my wardrobe. I have so many tees from them that have stood the test of time and still look great.

Tna Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Zip Hoodie: I think having a plain zip up sweatshirt is essential for any closet. The only downside for this one is that it is a little bit pricey, but the quality from Aritzia is so good and lasts so long that I think it’s worth it. You can also find similar style zip up sweatshirts for a fraction of the price on Brandy Melville (that’s where my black zip up that I wear all the time is from).

TnaButter Atmosphere Hi-Rise 7″ Shorts: I have a couple pairs of these shorts and I am so excited to wear them once the weather gets warm again! I never really thought I’d be a biker shorts girl, but these ones are so comfy, making them perfect for working out or daily life. They come in so many different colors too .

Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Basic Sweatpant: I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge sweatpants person but these ones look so comfy! I feel like this paired with a crop top and the zip hoodie could be such a simple yet cute look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this style of post! I had a lot of fun putting it together – leave a comment if you want more!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

Current Favorites – March 2022

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post! It feels so good to be back, and I have some ideas of more posts I want to write in the near future so I promise that I won’t go completely silent on you again. I hope you all are doing well. For today’s blog post, I thought I would keep it classic and write about my favorite things currently! Let me know if you like these kinds of posts and what you want to see more of in the future! ­čÖé

Swift Run Sneaker by Adidas from Nordstrom: I saw these sneakers on the Nordstrom website a few months back and I immediately fell in love with the leopard print design. I asked for them for Christmas and so I’ve had them for a few months now and let me just say, they live up to the hype! These are perfect for if you want to throw on a quick sneaker and head out the door. They have also been my new gym shoes and I notice that they’re great for my different workouts. They also come in a really pretty light blush color if leopard print isn’t your thing!

Sculptflex Leggings in Onyx from Set Active: Set Active is an extremely popular brand, especially among other bloggers and influencers, so I was super excited to try their workout clothes out. I’ve had these leggings for the past few months and oh my gosh, they are some of the best leggings I have ever owned! The material is amazing; they are super thick and hold you in. I wear them to the gym but also just as an everyday pair of leggings. I definitely recommend splurging on them because I can tell that they’ll last forever and they’re also so cute.

Sculptflex Body Crop from Set Active: This top from Set is also such a great staple piece. I have it in black (it’s currently only being sold in sand, so I’ll link that one), and I love it because of its length. Does anyone else have strict gym dress code policies where they go to school? We do, and we’re not allowed to wear sports bras, so having a tank that’s long enough but still cropped is ideal! Hopefully they restock it in more colors soon.

SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Target: I would recommend this stuff based on the smell alone; it smells amazing. I’ve only used this hair product a handful of times but it’s a current favorite for me because I love the way my curls look after I use it. You know when you have second day hair and it’s slightly better than when you first showered? This stuff gives you that effect. I put this smoothie in my hair yesterday morning and I feel like the results today are amazing.

Vanilla Custard Pie Pods from Nespresso: Not to brag, but I have definitely perfected my at home coffee routine and I find myself going out for coffee a lot less than I used to. These vanilla pods pair perfectly with a vanilla creamer.

Fleece Pajamas from PJ Salvage: I love this set of pajamas! I can’t find the exact pattern of the pair I have online but they are so comfy and have become my new favorite pair of pajamas to wear. The reviews on these are kind of bad which shocks me because I’ve had no issues with them so far! I recommend snagging a pair now too because they’re on sale for almost half price.

Love Is Blind on Netflix: Please tell me you guys have also been watching this! I don’t know why, but I feel like the second season was just so much better than the first. I’m really glad I gave it a shot again because I found myself binge watching the episodes and couldn’t wait for what was going to happen next! I can’t wait for the reunion episode Friday.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I’m so happy to be back and writing again. Let me know in the comments what else you want to see from me.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

Hey everyone!

I thought I would put together my annual Christmas/holiday gift guide with everything $50 or less! Everything can be found on Amazon and will ship and arrive before Christmas, so this is perfect if you have some last minute shopping to do. Enjoy!

Oversized Sweater Dress: This dress is so cute and would make the perfect gift! It comes in a variety of colors and I feel like it would be flattering on all body shapes. The reviews are really good too and it’s only $40 which I think is such a good price point for a sweater dress!

Gel Nail Polish Kit: This gel nail polish kit would be amazing for everyone that loves to do their nails at home. It comes with a large selection of polishes and also tools to help you have the perfect manicure. I feel like this would also save someone so much money because then they’d be able to perfect the gel manicure at home rather than always going to the salon.

Paddywax Tobacco and Vanilla Candle: We used to sell these Paddywax candles where I worked, and everyone loved the tobacco and vanilla scent so much. They have a really good burn time and the packaging is super sleek so it would be a great gift for anyone!

14k Gold Plated Tennis Bracelet: Tennis bracelets are so chic and pretty, and this one is only $15! It’s by the brand Pavoi which I’ve bought stuff from before and the quality is actually really good for the price. I feel like this would be such a good stocking stuffer or gift for someone you know that loves simple yet elegant jewelry.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle: This book is super good, and I feel like it would make a really good gift because it has a lot of sound advice and covers different aspects and areas of life.

Kate Spade Insulated Tumbler: Kate Spade always has the cutest prints, and these tumblers would be so fun for your morning iced coffee or lemon water. This one has little strawberries all over it, but you can find more, from polka dots to stripes to florals. They also have cups for hot drinks if you prefer that.

Ouai Leave In Conditioner: I’ve used this leave in conditioner before, and it’s amazing. It honestly smells super good and I feel like it’s really nice to spray in your hair when it’s wet. Ouai has a lot of good products, and there’s a bunch on Amazon that you can get before Christmas!

6 Pack of Hair Claw Clips: These rectangular claw clips are so cute! I’m honestly going to order myself some because I feel like they’d come in handy but also look adorable if you pulled your hair back. It’s also a really good price because it’s only $2 per clip. It would make a great stocking stuffer!

Hope you enjoyed! Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

Black Friday 2021: All The Best Deals

Hey everyone!

Since today is Black Friday, I figured I’d round up the best deals and share them here! Enjoy!

Urban Outfitters: Take 25% off your whole purchase

ASOS: Up to 80% off almost everything, extra 20% off with code FRIYAY20

Aritzia: Up to 50% off everything

Free People: Up to 50% off select styles

Set Active: Up to 60% off site wide

Aerie: 40% off sweatshirts, 30-40% off Aerie collection

Nordstrom: Up to 50% off

Gymshark: Up to 70% off

Princess Polly: 25% off almost everything

Sephora: 50% off bestsellers

Ulta: 50% off

VRG GRL: 20% off site wide with BF20

Lulu’s: Save 20-75% off site wide with code BF20

Steve Madden: 30% off site wide with code BF2021

Nespresso: 25% off all machines

Talk to you soon with some holiday gift guides!

-Emily Berrol