Dear Bloggers,


Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be writing a blog post with all of my tips for being a blogger. Hopefully this will help some of you, and if you aren’t a blogger, maybe this will give you some words of wisdom for your everyday life.

Stay true to yourself. This is my biggest tip to anyone who’s starting/running a blog. Many people feel the need to do what everyone else is doing in order to be what society deems as successful. If you’re doing this on a blog, many people will see that you’re not acting genuine. It’s so important to embrace who you are as a person. Let this show on your blog, too!

Don’t force anything. If you’re having a hard time brainstorming ideas, let yourself have a break. The worst thing to do is to force a blog post when you’re uninspired. Allow yourself to relax and recharge. Try not to put pressure on yourself to blog everyday, every week, or every month, depending on what your usual goal is. If you’re needing a break, take one.

Find things that make you unique as a blogger. It will help you feel more confident and attract a bigger audience!

Do it because of your passion. Some bloggers get paid or are offered opportunities because of what they do. If you have a blog, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Don’t start one just to make money. If that’s your purpose, your readers and opportunities will be limited. Start/run a blog not for the money, but for how much you enjoy whatever you may be talking about.

Know that things take time. I feel like many people expect things to take off right after they start blogging. The truth is, things take time. Not everything is going to progress overnight, so enjoy the experience. Take each opportunity with a grateful heart, and know that just because you’re not as far ahead as you’d like to be, you can still get there.

Have fun. Simple enough.

I hope these were helpful for you, whether you’re running a blog or not.

Have a great rest of your weekend, and feel free to leave any blog ideas in the comments!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol


My Sister and Friend Pick Out My Outfit!





If you’ve been scrolling through YouTube lately, you’ve probably seen this kind of challenge before. Many people are challenging their friends and family members to pick out outfits for them without their help. I decided to challenge both my sister and friend to try and pick out an outfit for me. Did they succeed? Let’s find out!

To start off with, I want to say that this whole outfit was picked out in Forever 21. This also explains why I’m in a dressing room and why these photos aren’t the best quality. Sorry for all this, but it adds to the mystery of whether or not I bought the outfit!

My sister originally picked out the overall dress, and then both of them decided that they would base the rest of the outfit around this piece. The dress is made from a black corduroy material and has two little pockets at the front. The dress zips up and has a little snap closure at the top to cover the zipper. As you can see in the first photo, it is a little bit roomy but it’s because it’s meant to have an oversized fit.

I’m not going to lie, I actually picked out the shoes next while they were trying to find a shirt to go under the outfit. This was the only pair of shoes that I could find where I thought that they might be okay with this look. The rest of the shoes in the store were too busy looking or just didn’t make sense for the outfit. I’m going to say how I liked the shoes now since I picked them out. They definitely weren’t the most comfortable. They weren’t terrible, but I could tell that the quality of them wasn’t great. Looking back at them, I like the shoes even less than I did when I originally tried them on. I ended up not buying the pair for these reasons.

Lastly, they picked out this red shirt to go under the overalls. Online, this top is described as a plum color, but it really is a burgundy shade and doesn’t have purple undertones. It has this mock neck top to it and lace up details in the back. It’s also ribbed.

Now, how did I think they did? I honestly thought they did very well! As mentioned above, the shoes weren’t great but they still looked alright with the outfit. As for the dress and top together, I think it would be a really cute fall outfit. The top looked alright under the overalls, but I couldn’t see myself getting that much use out of it in the future. Personally, I think the crossed detail at the back is too much since it’s already a mock neck top. Besides that though, the shirt still did look nice with the overalls. The overall dress was my favorite part! I think they did really well picking these out. I loved how casual it was while still looking very put together. I was able to clearly picture myself putting several of my tees under it during both warmer and colder days. My sister actually ended up buying me it as a birthday gift for next month because I loved it so much!

In general, I did not expect them to do this well! I’ll link every single item down below in case you’d like to pick up any items mentioned.

P.S. This whole outfit was under $65!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Corduroy Overall Dress in Black 

Faux Suede Pointed Flats

Contemporary Ribbed Lace-Up Top

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

2 Years


Today marks two years since creating Emily’s Edge! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for this long; it feels like something that I only started recently.

After looking back at the post I wrote exactly one year ago, I realize how much I’ve changed since starting this blog. For starters, I’ve grown older, improved the quality of my photos, and have evolved my writing style. I’ve taken breaks from blogging; some weeks I’ve been too busy with schoolwork and other times I’ve been traveling. It’s not always easy to balance everything, and it’s hard to take a break sometimes.

I really never knew if I’d ever start this blog. It was an idea in my head for such a long time. I’m lucky that I did, because it has brought me so many wonderful gifts and realizations. Doing this has allowed me to express my thoughts on fashion through writing. Writing has always been a very important part of self-expression. The fact that I’ve been able to incorporate these two passions is amazing.

Over the past couple of years I’ve realized how much I love fashion, and how much I want to keep contributing to it. Blogging is such a unique thing for me. Although it seems like just about everyone has a blog now, I’m the only person I know who started one at such a young age. I love that I have this advantage because I know it can only go up from here.

Thank you so much if you view, read, comment, etc. It’s so great to have my own platform, and it still shocks me to see how many people from different places view my blog!

I’m excited to see what the future holds. Lots of love.

To many more years of Emily’s Edge,

-Emily Berrol

My Tips for Selling on Depop

FullSizeRender 33

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks for selling on the app Depop. If you don’t know what Depop is, it’s an app where you can sell new or gently worn items that you don’t want anymore! I really recommend using it because not only can you declutter your closet, but you can also make a few extra bucks.

When you haven’t sold many items on Depop, you can get discouraged and feel as if you’ll never make a sale. I’m here to tell you that this is not the case! You will be able to make some sales eventually, and hopefully these tips help you out.

Tip Number One: Update Your Items Regularly. This tip is extremely important so that multiple people will be able to see your items. All you have to do on the app is click edit, and then press save. You don’t even need to edit anything or add more to the description. It’s good to do this because then it updates how long ago the item was posted. For example, instead of saying two weeks ago, it will change to ‘just now.’ This will then allow your item to pop up as a recent upload, helping more customers to see it.

Tip Number Two: Reach Out To Potential Customers. It is so important to make sure you’re interacting with other Depop users. I do this by making sure to respond to comments and direct messages when I receive them. Besides this, I also send out a direct message whenever someone favorites an item or follows me.

Tip Number Three: Post Good Quality Photos. Pictures are a major part of Depop. You can’t sell an item without a picture of it. I recommend taking good quality photos of your items. Also, if an item has flaws/some wear to it, show that too! Make sure you include as many details, both good and bad, in your photos. Also, if your item is wearable, posting a picture of you wearing it is always a good idea.

Tip Number Four: Use Your Hashtags. Descriptions are also very important when trying to sell on Depop. In your description, you should be completely honest and give as much information as you can. However, it’s also very important to use your hashtags! This will help your items pop up when someone searches a key word that you’ve included. Make sure that your hashtags are relevant though. It’s not going to do you any good to post hashtags that don’t go with you item.

Tip Number Five: Make The Experience Memorable. Make buying from your Depop shop a unique experience. I personally do this by including handwritten notes in each order. Additionally, I wrap each item in pretty tissue paper and make sure it’s packed well. Find a way to make your store stick out! It will encourage buyers to come shop with you again.

I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Make sure to check out my Depop here!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

Meet A Style King: Ryan Winnen




FullSizeRender 30

FullSizeRender 31


FullSizeRender 32

There are people everywhere with great taste and impeccable style. I recognize this daily just thinking about fashion, but in all honesty, I’m not someone who has many style inspirations. There are few people whose style I admire. The whole situation is kind of like calling someone your best friend. You meet amazing people all the time, but it takes more than a nice encounter to call someone this. It’s the same with style inspiration.

Ryan Winnen is one of those few people whose style I really like.

Ryan is the drummer from COIN (all of their music will be linked below), but he’s also someone who’s really killing this whole fashion game. I’m excited to finally be talking about him on here today!

One thing I love about Ryan’s style is how effortless it all looks. Everything is put together from very basic pieces to create a statement look, which I love. People tend to stick to basic items and then pair it with a piece that’s more out-there, but the way he chooses to style his outfits make them so much more interesting.

Although he does mix and match colors and patterns, he also really pulls off outfits of one color scheme, whether that’s his cream overalls and white shirt or his dark black leather jacket and Dr. Marten’s.

Some of these photos that I’m showing are more recent than others, but I loved all of them too much. You can see how his fashion taste has evolved as time goes on, but it’s still him and his style, which is so incredibly important in fashion!

Overall, Ryan’s style shows that unusual combinations can be brilliant and that the simplest pieces can sometimes make the best outfits.

I’m so glad that I finally got to make a post on someone whose style I adore. Special thanks to Ryan for letting me use his photos on here and for being such a sweet and genuine person!

Make sure to follow Ryan’s Instagram linked here and his Twitter here. You’ll probably see my numerous comments about how I think he’s such a king of fashion.

Also, check out COIN and their latest album How Will You Know If You Never Try because it’s incredible! (I promise one day I’ll stop talking about them, but I don’t think it’s going to be soon.)

Thank you for all of the support as always 🙂

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol


Glossier Review

FullSizeRender 28




Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to be doing a Glossier review because I know it’s a well-known brand right now, and I’ve gotten questions about how I like it before and what to buy. I figured this would be a helpful blog post to make because I’ve been using a couple of products for around a month now. Besides that, I had the opportunity to actually go to the Glossier showroom and have a shopping experience there, so I can tell you a little bit more about that as well.

I’ll start off by talking about my experience at the showroom. The showroom was so beautiful! It had many mirrors and stands with the products on them. There were lots of employees walking around who would take your order. After that, they would hand you a slip of paper with your products on it and you’d bring it up to the register. Once you’re there, they get you fresh products from the back and put it in one of their famous pink pouches with stickers. In general, the showroom is so pretty and totally fits Glossier’s aesthetic. It was really awesome to go to the store in person so that I could test out different shades of things. If you’re ever in Manhattan, I definitely recommend checking out their showroom if you want to try out their makeup or just take a few cute pictures.

I bought The Balm Dotcom in Rose and the Haloscope in Moonstone. I had heard a lot of people talking about the lip balm, so I wanted to give it a try. After swatching the highlighters on my wrist, I knew I had to add one to my shopping bag as well.

First, let’s talk about the Balm Dotcom. This lip balm is also a universal skin salve. I primarily use it as a lip balm, but if I have extra on my hands after using it, I’ll rub it into my cuticles because I do find it to be moisturizing. This balm does leave my lips feeling smooth and not greasy, and I do think it’s a good moisturizer. All of the flavored ones smelled so good, but the rose happened to be my favorite! I don’t love it as much as my Neutrogena MoistureShine lip balm, though. It’s a bit cheaper than Glossier’s balm, and I find that it heals my lips way better when they’re chapped and has SPF. However, by no means am I undermining the ability of this product. I would definitely still recommend it, but I would personally rely on it as a nice daily lip balm rather than a healing one for when your lips are super chapped and dry.

When I first started trying the Haloscope, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. The first time I applied it, it felt sticky and peeled away my powder foundation. However, as time has passed, I have learned to love this highlighter. To start off with, instead of just gliding it on, I now use my finger to dab it on where I want it. This helps my foundation to stay in place. The highlighter is still a bit sticky because it is not oil-free, which is a little bit of a bummer. I know a lot of people like Glossier because of their natural looking products, but I wish they would also put some more natural ingredients into their cosmetics and skincare (for example, adding SPF and making things oil-free). However, this highlighter does look amazing on, and gives your face a natural glow that is definitely noticeable. I got mine in the shade moonstone because Topaz was too dark for me, and Quartz was pinky toned. I wanted a very natural color that would go with the tone of my skin. Moonstone worked perfectly!

Overall, I would recommend Glossier. It does have some really nice products, but if you have oily skin, you may want to stay away from the highlighters. I do think everything was a good purchase though, and some of the items do have nice and organic ingredients, such as moisturizing properties and natural antioxidants.

I hope this honest review gave some of you some insight and helped you out! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Here’s what I’m showing:

Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve in Rose

Haloscope in Moonstone

Check out Glossier’s website here!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol




Layered Gold Necklaces




Hey everyone!

I’m back, and I have summer break so I’ll be doing a bunch of blogging for the next three months! Yay! I’m so happy to be writing on here again!

Today I wanted to write a post all about layered gold necklaces. As you may already know, I love chokers and I think they look so cute when paired with other necklaces. However, a lot of my chokers are silver, and a few months ago I decided that I wanted to start getting some gold necklaces. The first necklace I picked up was my Emily name plate one. This is the shortest gold necklace that I have, and it’s fourteen inches long. I love the fit of it because it’s not super tight fitted like most chokers, but it falls right below your neckline. The next two necklaces were both gifts from my mom. One of them has little crystals dangling off of it, and the other has different stones and icons with crystals as well. I love all three of these necklaces so much!

I’ve been noticing that a lot more people have been wearing gold jewelry lately. I can tell that gold necklaces are definitely a big trend right now for the spring and summer. They are such an easy accessory to throw on, and they immediately make your outfit look put together. I wear these necklaces on a daily basis.

Although I would wear these with most outfits, here are some ways that you can style them:

  1. Wear some denim shorts, a black, fitted t-shirt, and some strappy sandals for a cute and causal summer outfit.
  2. Pair colors that compliment gold in order to make the necklaces really stand out (for example: pink and gold).
  3. For a fancier look, wear your hair up and a cute dress. Having your hair up will draw more attention to the necklaces and will look very sophisticated and classy.

This is one trend that I’ve been loving lately! If you guys like these style of blog posts, please do make sure to leave a comment. What’s your favorite trend for this summer?

Also, feel free to leave blog post suggestions down below! It’s good to be back 🙂

Here’s what I’m showing:

Custom Name Plate Necklace

Dangling Crystal Necklace

Charm Layering Necklace from Anthropologie (same style of necklace here but with different charms)

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol