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Hi everyone!

Instead of doing a review on each of the items shown in the photos, I decided that it would be good to just write about each in one blog post. I tried to pick some items that I’ve tried out and that are somewhat popular. I think that this will be super helpful for you guys because I’ll be letting you know whether or not these products are actually worth buying. Let’s get started!

Topshop Jeans: Ah yes, the extremely popular Topshop jeans. Are they really worth it? In my opinion, Topshop jeans are definitely a piece to invest in. I’ve had pairs that are at least three years old, and they have held up to this day. They come in such a variety of sizes and styles, so I feel like there’s a pair for everyone. I usually talk on here about my black Joni jeans, but as you can see above, there are also patterned ones that I love. The jeans fit super well and are so comfortable. They aren’t stiff at all. I don’t think Topshop sells this pattern anymore, but I’m going to link their website below so you can check them out! I also know some people struggle with finding jeans because of their height, but Topshop makes petite and tall sizes too! I highly recommend getting a pair for winter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit: I had to sneak this makeup item in here just because I know how loved it is. I do recommend getting one if you want a highlighter kit. It is around $40, which I don’t find bad at all considering that you get four highlighters that are pretty big. They sell these in different colors, but the one I have is the sun dipped palette. There are a variety of shades, so I don’t think you’re going to get two that look exactly alike. My favorite one to use is moonstone. It’s a super pretty pink, rosy color. Also, the pigment from these kits is amazing! The color pays off nicely and you can tell that you’re wearing highlighter. You get a lot of options for what you pay for. I definitely do think that this is a kit that will provide you with many different highlight options. It’s super good if you’re starting your collection too.

Brandy Melville Clothing: It seems like most people like Brandy Melville, and I personally love to look at their stuff. However, their prices are reasonable for what you get which can make you start to speculate the quality. I can guarantee that the quality is not cheap at all! I have shirts and jackets from there that have lasted me awhile. There was one time where one of my shirts ripped, but it was after at least a year of having it. Besides that, I haven’t had any major problems with their clothes. They have such cute stuff! I personally love their tees. You can always find such cute and fashionable ones for a good price. I love it!

Quay Australia Sunglasses: Quay sunglasses are now everywhere on social media. I’ve had my pair for a short amount of time, but I do think that they’re worth the money. Mine don’t feel like they are bad quality. I love all of the different options that you can have while getting Quay sunglasses. They have a huge selection of different shapes and colors. The pair that I have I got off of ASOS. You can usually find their brand at different stores besides their website. Also, I feel like the sunglasses are such a nice accessory to your outfit. They add a great pop of color!

Overall, I really do recommend all of these items! I hope you enjoyed another blog post this week. All links to the websites will be down below as always.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has an amazing week 🙂

Here’s what I talked about:

Link to Topshop jeans here

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped

Brandy Melville’s U.S. website

Quay Australia’s website 

ASOS’ website here

Quay ‘My Girl’ Sunglasses in Black Tortoiseshell and Pink

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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