Stocking gifts for under $20




Hey everyone!

I really want to start off by saying that I’m sorry I haven’t been on here for so long. I had my final exams at school this week and have been preparing for them. I didn’t have enough time to make a blog post, but I’m super happy to be done and back on here. I have a list of ideas of what I want to upload. Thanks for sticking around!

Christmas is less than ten days away (what?!) and I know some people might still be doing their last minute shopping. I thought that I would put together a post of gifts that you could get for less than twenty dollars each. These are items that you could put in a stocking, but you could also give them as a main present if you wanted to.

Socks: I think socks are a great gift to give because you can’t necessarily go wrong with them. Especially since it’s winter time, many people are super into wearing fuzzy socks. I think that any pair of socks with designs on them would be a small, cute gift. The ones that I’m showing are from Forever 21. I got these just a couple of weeks ago, and I think they’re super cool and different. They are made out of mesh, so they’re more for fashion than for comfort, but they have little cats on them! Most of the mesh socks I’ve seen are solid colors, but I love that this pair is different. I also really love the scalloped trim at the top of them. They look perfect with some Converse on!

Lush products: I’m personally a big fan of Lush and their bath bombs. I think they make such a nice gift, and there is such a nice selection of items to choose from. I know that Lush is best known for their bath bombs, but they also sell body wash, lip scrub, makeup…you name it! Everything they sell also comes in such pretty colors!

Sunglasses: I found these adorable sunglasses on sale recently, and I think that they would make the perfect gift for inside of a stocking! These were originally about twenty dollars, but they were reduced to around ten! I bought them off of ASOS, which I personally recommend. ASOS has a variety of colors and styles, and they have sales on sunglasses often.

Colourpop makeup: Colourpop makeup is such a good gift to give someone if you’re on a budget. The quality is really good despite the low price. You definitely get more than what you pay for. They sell lip products for $6, eye shadows for $5, and highlighters for $8. Plus, they also sell value and holiday sets so you can get even more of a bargain. I have an ultra matte lipstick in Viper and an ultra glossy lipstick in Tight Fit. Both of the shades are super pretty, but I would keep in mind that some of the matte lipsticks turn out to be darker than they seem. Besides that, I recommend buying from Colourpop.

Pins: Pins are still in style, and one great thing about them is that there are so many cute designs being sold. You can also buy pins at a variety of stores. I think that it would be super cute to buy some pins and also something that you can stick them on. They are such a cute accessory and can add design to something plain.

I hope this helped anyone who still had some last minute Christmas/holiday shopping. I am so happy to be back and blogging!

Here’s what I’m showing:

Mesh Cat Socks from Forever 21

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Gold, Sparkly Cat Eye Sunglasses from ASOS (same pair here but in red)

Ultra Matte Lip in Viper from Colourpop

Ultra Glossy Lip in Tight Fit from Colourpop

Pintrill Cherry Pin from Urban Outfitters

More pins here

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol


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