Simplicity with Velvet




Hello everybody!

I’ve been meaning to document this outfit for awhile now. It’s so cute, but also one of my go-to outfits recently. I hope you like it too!

I’m wearing a plain white t-shirt and black jeans just so that I can have on a pretty basic look before accessorizing. I actually really like this top. It has a high neck, but is also fitted and short sleeved. It’s great quality, too. I’ll try to find the exact one I’m wearing and leave a link below.

This jacket definitely makes this look. I got it as a present for Christmas, and I’ve worn in so many times in the last few months! To start off with, the color of it is amazing. It’s a grayish-purple color. It’s not incredibly difficult to style, but the color and texture makes it so unique, which is why I tend to wear it like this. This jacket is made out of a lovely velvet material and has ruching on the insides and outsides of the sleeves. This makes it look so flattering on. I also love that this is a bomber jacket that’s light. It has a silky fabric on the inside to keep you warm, but it’s not heavy duty like other bombers. It’s slouchy, making it a great spring and summer piece, too.

I’ve been wearing these necklaces quite a bit recently because I’m loving the layered look. I have on my silver disk choker and butterfly necklace. I’m sure you’ve seen these before, but I love to add them on when I’m wearing this outfit. Of course, I had to add my bag and black boots.

As you can tell, the accessories are pretty crucial for this outfit. They make everything look so chic but edgy. I’m really into how this look contains so many accessories that don’t overpower each other.

Also, I thought that I would quickly add in that this jacket is from Free People and comes in different colors too! I’ve been wearing quite a bit of Free People lately. Their stuff is always so fashionable.

What’s your go-to outfit? Let me know below, and feel free to comment what you might like to see next on here.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Ruched Velvet Bomber from Free People in the color Stone

Basic Crew Neck Tee from LAmade in White (they don’t seem to be selling it in white right now, but have many other different colors)

Joni Jeans from Topshop in Black

Silver Disk Choker (similar here)

Butterfly Necklace from Boma

Black Pointed Toe Boots from ASH (similar here)

Kate Spade Handbag (all info here)

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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