Meet A Style King: Ryan Winnen




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There are people everywhere with great taste and impeccable style. I recognize this daily just thinking about fashion, but in all honesty, I’m not someone who has many style inspirations. There are few people whose style I admire. The whole situation is kind of like calling someone your best friend. You meet amazing people all the time, but it takes more than a nice encounter to call someone this. It’s the same with style inspiration.

Ryan Winnen is one of those few people whose style I really like.

Ryan is the drummer from COIN (all of their music will be linked below), but he’s also someone who’s really killing this whole fashion game. I’m excited to finally be talking about him on here today!

One thing I love about Ryan’s style is how effortless it all looks. Everything is put together from very basic pieces to create a statement look, which I love. People tend to stick to basic items and then pair it with a piece that’s more out-there, but the way he chooses to style his outfits make them so much more interesting.

Although he does mix and match colors and patterns, he also really pulls off outfits of one color scheme, whether that’s his cream overalls and white shirt or his dark black leather jacket and Dr. Marten’s.

Some of these photos that I’m showing are more recent than others, but I loved all of them too much. You can see how his fashion taste has evolved as time goes on, but it’s still him and his style, which is so incredibly important in fashion!

Overall, Ryan’s style shows that unusual combinations can be brilliant and that the simplest pieces can sometimes make the best outfits.

I’m so glad that I finally got to make a post on someone whose style I adore. Special thanks to Ryan for letting me use his photos on here and for being such a sweet and genuine person!

Make sure to follow Ryan’s Instagram linked here and his Twitter here. You’ll probably see my numerous comments about how I think he’s such a king of fashion.

Also, check out COIN and their latest album How Will You Know If You Never Try because it’s incredible! (I promise one day I’ll stop talking about them, but I don’t think it’s going to be soon.)

Thank you for all of the support as always 🙂

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol


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