Nailed It

Hey everyone,

I’m definitely getting some flashbacks to my old blog posts where I used to talk about my nails and polishes quite a bit. I’m bringing those vibes back today to talk about my experience with acrylics.

If you’ve been here awhile, you know that I naturally have pretty long nails. However, in June, my nails were going through a new nail cycle where they were really short before they grew out again. My friend had gone and gotten acrylics, and I wanted to get my nails done since I hadn’t in awhile. I was planning on getting extensions and putting dip powder nail polish on top of it. Long story short, the place I went to was a disaster and ended up giving me really wide acrylics with gel on top. Thankfully, I was able to get them fixed, and months later, I love my acrylics and how they look!

However, before I had gotten acrylics, it would have been nice to read about the pros and cons of having them. Here’s a list of both pros and cons that I wish I would have known earlier:


Saves Time: I’m able to spend a lot less time fussing over my nails when I have acrylics. I used to spend a good amount of time painting and repainting my nails. It’s nice to have them done and not worry about it anymore.

More Options: Having them done means that they’re always long and always the perfect shape. I have a variety of colors and polishes to choose from each appointment.

Longevity: I’m able to go two weeks with my nails looking super great which is nice since I’m usually busy with school or work. I feel a lot more put together when my nails are done and I’m using my hands during work (i.e. when showing jewelry pieces to customers or handling their purchases).


An Investment: Getting your nails done every two weeks is definitely an investment in many aspects. If I didn’t have a job, I don’t think I’d be able to financially justify getting them done. They are also an investment of time – not everyone can make time to do them with everything else going on in life.

Upkeep: Acrylics require a lot of upkeep. You have to make sure you’re taking care of them and getting them done so you’re not at risk for infections.

Finding A Salon: I’m going to put this in the cons section because, let’s face it, finding a good nail salon and technician is hard. As I mentioned above, the first salon I went to was a nightmare, and until recently, I haven’t found one with really great people. However, once you find a good one, you’re set!

I hope this helps some of you who are planning on getting acrylics or are just curious about what they entail! Overall, it’s a personal decision and depends on your lifestyle, but I find them 100% worth it!

FYI: The shape I get is narrow and square. The gel color in the first photo is by DND and called Sunset Fog. The second gel color is also by DND and called Amethyst Sparkles.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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