My Guide to Long, Healthy Hair

For someone who has always had long, healthy hair, it’s a subject that I don’t talk about enough on here. I know many people are looking for ways to maintain long hair or are just trying to find new products to try out. If so, you’re in the right place! I’m going to share all of the ways I keep my curls healthy and long!

  1. Trim your hair when it needs to be trimmed. I’m someone who wants to keep my hair as long as possible at all times. However, in order to keep it at the length I want, I have it trimmed when the ends aren’t in the best condition. If you don’t get rid of split ends, they’ll continue to split even farther up your hair, making it so that you’ll have to get it cut even more in the long run. Take care of it now so that you thank yourself in the future!
  2. Refrain from using a lot of heat on your hair. I never use heat on my hair; even when I get out of the shower, I let it air dry. It’s not terrible to use heat on your hair occasionally, but I’ve heard that a lot of hair damage comes from using an excessive amount of heat styling products.
  3. Use hair masks and leave-in conditioners for extra shine and silkiness. Masks are super great because they come in a variety of purposes and always leave your hair feeling extra soft and shiny. Additionally, leave-in conditioners are also super helpful, especially if you have dyed or dry hair.
  4. Take vitamins with biotin. Biotin is known for promoting hair and nail growth! I take a daily multi-vitamin with biotin in it; I’m not completely sure how much it’s contributed to the length on my hair, but I do know that other people see a big difference when taking it. It can’t hurt, and is worth a shot. 🙂
  5. Use shampoo and conditioner that you love and works with your hair type. Since I have naturally super curly hair, I’ve tried out different shampoos and conditioners to see which one works best for my curls. Try out a few for yourself and pick one that enhances what you have, whether that’s curls, color, waves, etc.!
  6. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, be patient and do your research. Like I mentioned above, I’ve had long hair my whole life, so I’ve never really seen my hair go from a short to long length. However, if you’re trying to grow yours out, be patient! Nothing happens overnight, and everyone’s hair grows at different speeds. Talk to your hairdresser about products that will work well for you and research ways to grow out hair.

Of course, I am no hairdresser or doctor, but these are things that I do to keep my hair healthy and looking its best.

Hope you all loved this blog post! I’m heading to New York in a couple weeks so expect the fourth edition of “The New York Diaries” within the next month!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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