Emily’s Edge Now Has Ads, and I’m Living

Hello everyone!

I have a very exciting blog post for you today! I’m super happy to announce that we now have ads on Emily’s Edge! I thought it would be fair for me to explain to you what these ads do and mean, because let’s be honest, even I didn’t know an hour ago.

Let me try and break down what I know, and hopefully answer a few questions along the way:

  1. I only get paid a little bit for every certain amount of views I receive. This means that every view I get counts/helps me out towards the large number I’m hoping to reach!
  2. I do not get to pick which advertisements are shown on my blog. One day there may be one for Glossier, and the next day it might be for Crocs. (I’m not actually sure what kinds of things will be advertised.)
  3. This blog has never been, and will never be, about making money. For me, Emily’s Edge is an outlet where I can share what I love most: fashion.

I’m so happy that I can finally introduce ads onto my website, but I want to thank you guys for always reading and coming back here! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to have this opportunity. 🙂

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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