Trends I’m Loving + Pinning

Awhile back, someone asked me if I’d ever consider uploading fashion inspiration to my blog. It immediately made me think of my Pinterest board, which gets new photos added to it everyday. I figured that I might as well start posting some of my favorite trends and outfits on here; after all, everything is relatively cohesive and there’s definitely an overlap of trends!

Leopard Print: Please, oh please, can this print stay around forever? I’ve always loved it; when I was younger, I wore an all cheetah print outfit to school (I was a Cheetah Girl before it was a thing). The fact that we’re still seeing this makes me so happy. I love how it’s casually incorporated with some denim or a basic tee shirt. It makes it a lot less intimidating to wear and feel comfortable in.

Floral Skirts and Dresses: I love how easy it is to incorporate floral print into an outfit. All of these pictures of long dresses and floral skirts make me want it to be summer even more. Additionally, I love how some of the images show sweaters with them because it reminds me of the versatility skirts and dresses have. There are so many options and outfits you can have and make with just one piece.

Basic Tees and Cool Pants: It’s no shock to anyone that I love a basic tee with a good pair of pants. It’s beyond simple, but you still look put together. I’m especially loving gray band tees with big logos; I know they were in awhile ago, but they’re definitely making an appearance again.

Comfy Jackets: So many people are wearing fluffy jackets and hoodies lately. I saw one picture on Instagram of a girl wearing a hoodie, a leather jacket, black pants, and some cool sneakers and it looked SO good. I always wear my hoodies around the house or at school with my uniform, but they’re starting to get worn out more and I love it!

What pieces are all of you loving at the moment? Would you like to see a blog post of me styling some of the items I’ve mentioned? Let me know.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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