My Current Favorites – May 2019

Little picture of me and Caitie at Bad Suns!

Hello everyone!

How are all of you doing? I’ve missed you, and a lot of exciting things have been happening. I’m officially on summer break, and I graduate later this week (exciting times)! One thing that I’m excited for is posting more consistent content and having more time to dedicate to blogging.

With that being said, I feel like there’s a variety of things that I’ve been loving recently and want to share with all of you!

Glossier Vinylic Lip in Pony: When I placed my last Glossier order, I knew that I wanted to try out something from their Play brand. I’ve seen a lot of awesome things about this lipstick, and many people seem to love this shade. I was a bit skeptical about how this would look on me; I have pretty fair skin, and some nude shades don’t seem to look great. However, I have been loving this one and have worn it practically everyday since I bought it. The awesome thing about this product is that you can apply one layer for a lighter look or layer it, making it look great on every skin tone! Glossier wins over my heart, once again.

Jeffrey Campbell Lindsay Sandal in Nude Suede Champagne: These are my favorite heels I own for several reasons. First, they are gorgeous. I know that not everyone will be into the all-over rhinestone look, but they are so sparkly and extra, which I love. Also, because they have a velcro strap and a thick heel, they are seriously so comfortable. I spent hours in them for prom, and I’m even wearing them for graduation. They catch the light and they’re perfection in heel form.

Endless Nights Scrunchie in Pink from Free People: This is the cutest and prettiest little scrunchie! I’ve been wearing it a lot, and not only does it look great in your hair or on your wrist, but it also holds up your hair super well. Additionally, Free People has a 3 for $12 deal which is nice if you’re looking to grow your scrunchie collection.

Mystic Truth by Bad Suns: I don’t talk enough about music on here, but if you’ve been here for awhile, you know that my love for the band, Bad Suns, runs deep. They released their third album recently, and it’s been on repeat in my car, at my work, on my phone, etc. Last weekend, I saw them in concert for the fourth time and had the time of my life. Their music makes me super happy, and since they’re a local band, the music reminds me of home and California. Go give it a listen!

Atypical on Netflix: When it comes to t.v., I have to be really into a show or else I just won’t finish it. I started Atypical last week, and I’ve already finished its two seasons because it’s that good. I haven’t watched a show that I’ve enjoyed that much in awhile; it’s clever and funny while still exploring meaningful topics.

This is an extremely random list, but I hope all of you can find something new to check out! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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