All About Rose Gold

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I have noticed that I have been loving rose gold over the past few months.When I decided to get these accessories ready for photos, I noticed that most of them are recent purchases. I have also heard people talking about rose gold lately so it is possibly the beginning of a trend.

I think rose gold is a color that you either really like or just find okay/don’t like.  I personally love rose gold. However, it really depends on what the accessory or item is. There are some pieces that I wouldn’t want in rose gold and some that I would love to be made out of it. I think it has to do with personal preference when it comes to jewelry color and style of accessory. For example, I personally love the color of silver jewelry over gold, but I still love to wear rose gold. I know that sounds very random, but there are certain accessories that you would only buy if it were a certain color or style.

The photos up above show some of my favorite accessories in rose gold. I have three rings, a necklace, and two bracelets.

The three rings each have a unique style and I usually wear them all together. The first ring has a really unique design. It has a clover-like jewel in the middle and then a lot of detailing going around the sides with smaller crystals (you know what I mean if you look at the photo). The second ring has crystals that are shaped like triangles all the way around the band of the ring. Finally, the last one has two gems and then a rose gold band. The jewels are not together so there is a little space between them where you can see your finger. You can easily stack these rings on top of one another or wear them on their own.

My necklace has a simple rectangle with an e on the right-hand corner. I love that it’s so delicate. It makes it awesome to wear with other jewelry. Like all of the others, it is made out of rose gold. The chain on the necklace is medium length. I really like that it has my initial in the corner because it makes it very special. I think that little touch of detail added a lot to the necklace.

The last pieces of jewelry are two bracelets. Both of these bracelets are bangles. I really like them because they’re not too big so they don’t fall off of my wrist. They both can be worn individually, but when they are stacked together they look amazing. One of them is a look alike of the Cartier love bracelets. They sell them in silver and gold as well as rose gold. When I saw them on display, I immediately loved the rose gold one. Cartier bracelets can be thousands of dollars, so I was glad to find this one which was only fifty dollars. The other bangle has crystals all the way around it. The material is rose gold on the inside. I am sure you have probably heard me talk about these bracelets before because they have made a couple of appearances on my other blog posts. I couldn’t resist putting them on this one; they’re just too perfect together.

I am hoping that I will see a lot more rose gold in the future and that more people will wear it. As I said in the beginning, it definitely has to do with your personal preferences of jewelry color and style. As you were probably able to see in my last posts, I love silver jewelry. I do really like some rose gold accessories, however. I would mix and match these rose gold pieces with my silver jewelry. People wear silver and gold with pretty much anything, and I think rose gold can be like that too.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Three Rose Gold Rings with Crystals from an independent seller in Los Angeles (I got these from a stand at The Grove)

Rose Gold Initial Necklace from Etsy

Crystal Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold

Rose Gold Cartier Love Bracelet Look Alike from Sugar

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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