Accessories That Change The Game

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Hey guys!

Sorry that there was no new blog post last week! I’ve been pretty busy lately with school starting next week and other events. It feels super awesome to be writing on here in what feels like forever.

I was thinking really hard about what I could post for you when I saw these shoes sitting on my floor. They immediately sparked an idea! Today I’m going to be showing pieces that will transform your outfit into something cooler. We all get stuck wearing the same, boring outfit from time to time, so I thought I’d show you some accessories that you can add to it to make it interesting, bright, and fashionable.

Number One: Heels. I think that heels can be worn with many different things. Even if I have a pair of shorts and a shirt on, I can add these shoes and immediately look less casual. I think these shoes are especially a great statement piece because they are strappy. It looks really cool to have an open toed heel with the front cut out. Also, I feel like you can make an outfit either completely fancy with these or just dress it up a little bit.

Number Two: A Statement Jacket. I think that jackets are great in general. Every time I put on a nice jacket, I feel like it helps me have an outfit that is more put together. Why not add a little pop of color with it, too? This bomber jacket from Topshop is definitely a bit out there and bold, but I think it’s so cool. It is made of a really silky material which looks awesome in the sunlight. If you threw this over a really simple outfit, it would look insane. It’s so bright and fun, so if you tend to stick to your basic colors like me, put this on with your next outfit. Topshop also sells some other metallic colors if you feel like this might be a little bit too out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, it’s so hot that these are probably more suited for fall…but guess which season is next?

Number Three: Layered Necklaces and Bracelets. I was trying to figure out what kind of outfit I wanted to wear recently, and I noticed my look was too plain. I took these chokers and decided to layer them. It immediately made my outfit look so much edgier (I’m not going to make the pun I would like to). I think that it looks really nice with a t-shirt dress or a solid colored shirt. I also think layering bracelets can add the same effect. It makes your outfit much more noticeable. Also, you can mix up the kinds of necklaces and bracelets you decide to wear by figuring out what kind of vibe you’re going for. Want to look more classy? Layer some bangles or crystal necklaces. Want to look more edgy and unique? Layer some chokers or metallic accessories.

Number Four: Bright Lipstick/Lipgloss. Adding some bright lipstick to a monochrome outfit looks amazing! Wearing a lot of black in the summer makes me feel a little bit odd because it’s warm and colorful outside. Adding a bright lip is a great way to add color to your outfit. The one I’m showing is Berry Blast by Buxom. It’s a bright fuchsia shade. I think that adding a bold lip product looks amazing, and it gives you a reason to feel like you’re wearing a bit of color with your outfit.

Those are all the accessories that I’m going to cover now, but if you want me to write another post like this, I definitely will! I’m really happy with how these photos and this post turned out. Links to everything that I can find will be below as always 🙂

Here’s what I’m showing:

‘Nilunda’ Lace-Up Sandals in Black by Steve Madden 

Shiny Rust MA1 Bomber from Topshop

Silver Chain Choker from Etsy (the charm was given to me by my friend Jana)

Black Velvet Choker by me

Crystal Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold (as seen here)

Cartier Inspired Love Bracelet from Sugar in Rose Gold (also seen here)

Rose Gold, Crystal Bow Bracelet from Kate Spade (shown here)

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Berry Blast (mine is a smaller version from a set, but they sell  it in full sized tubes!)

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol


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