Step into Spring with Steve Madden




Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a new pair of shoes with you that I have been wearing around a lot recently. They’re great, and I think you may be interested in hearing about them, especially with spring coming up!

These are the leather slip on sneakers from Steve Madden. They also call these shoes ‘ECENTRCQ’. There are a lot of great things about this pair of shoes. To start off with, they are super easy to wear since they slip on. If you need to throw on a pair of shoes quickly without thinking, these are a great option! Although they may be quick and easy to throw on, they are also very stylish and go with everything. Mine are black, so they match with my other clothes very well, but other colors are available. They sell them anywhere from shiny, rose gold to black.

Sometimes shoes in this style can be uncomfortable when you try them on, but these ones fit nicely for me. They look like they don’t have a great amount of support, but I can wear these for a few hours without them hurting my feet.

I think that these could be styled with basically anything. I think they would look nice with jeans and skirts. These shoes are more on the casual side.

Since spring is coming up, I think they are a perfect alternate option for sneakers. I usually wear Converse or my Adidas Supertars, but these have taken their place recently because they are the perfect in between of a pair of sneakers and a pair of flats.

These shoes do remind me of Vans. I haven’t ever owned a pair of Vans (surprisingly), so I can’t give you a direct comparison. However, these ones do look a little bit more refined and less like sneakers than Vans do. I think it’s all about what you prefer, but if you’re looking into buying a pair of shoes in this style, make sure to give these a look.

The material of these is a quilted, leather fabric (you know how I love leather). I really like how these are quilted, rather than just a plain color. The bottom is rubber, and they have a stretchy piece of fabric on both sides of them. They also have a small, metal label on the back of them (by the heel). These will show your socks if they’re not the tiny, slip on ones.

I think the quality of these is really good, and they will definitely last awhile. Something else that’s nice is that if they get dirty, it probably won’t show as easily.

I think they will be great for spring because they’re not as heavy. You could also wear these into summer.

I would definitely recommend that you go check these out if you’re interested in a simple but stylish shoe to wear while it’s warm!

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Here’s what I’m showing:

Leather Slip on Sneakers (ECENTRCQ) in the color black from Steve Madden

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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