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Hi everyone!

I love uploading outfit photos (they’re honestly one of my favorites to post), and I want to show you this super cute and easy outfit for summer! It looks like it’s really put together, but the outfit is actually only made up of a few basic pieces. It’s all in the styling of them.

To start off with, I just bought this bodysuit from Topshop. I have never owned a bodysuit, but I have seen a lot of people wearing them. When I walked into all of the stores I normally shop at, I noticed that they were all selling these. The reason why I was first drawn to this was because of the color. The shade is bubblegum pink, and it’s sort of bright. Pink is my favorite color, and I have been trying to wear it more often. I also really like the style of this because of the high neck and open back. If it was just a plain bodysuit without any small details, it wouldn’t be as fun. I also love this piece because you can either layer shorts, skirts, or long pants over it. It is thin, so it won’t make you too hot in the summer. Wearing a bodysuit can also be so helpful if you want to wear an outfit with a shirt tucked in. Normal tank tops tend to untuck, and bodysuits are always in place!

I am also wearing a new pair of black shorts. It’s literally impossible to wear any long pants in the summer, so I always try to buy some skirts or shorts so that I’ll be prepared. These are from Urban Outfitters, and they are the brand BDG. I really like these because they’re a dark black. The black shorts I got last year were more of a faded black, so it’s nice to have a change. They are also high waisted, which you know I love when it comes to pants. They have slight distressing on them and slits on the sides.

I am also wearing these sandals from Sam Edelman. I love them! I was in need of a pair of sandals for the summer, since I’m always wearing a pair of sneakers or some boots if I’m going somewhere casual. Sneakers and boots can make you warm sometimes, so I thought that it was right to get some sandals. I’m really into the lace up fronts. This is a huge trend right now. They make a pair of shoes so much more interesting and cool. I also really like how they lace up to a bow. Additionally, I love the straps at the front by your toes. These shoes are more of a going out sandal. I have more basic sandals for when I’m going to the beach or dance, but these are more fashionable for a day out. They also have zippers at the back so you won’t be having to untie them all day. They are made out of suede and are black (shocking).

I also styled this outfit with some accessories. I added my handmade daisy choker and cat eye sunglasses. A choker is so simple but effective when it comes to adding a little something to your outfit. I also had to add sunglasses because they are so stylish and cool.

As you can see, this is a really easy outfit that only consists of a few main items. I can totally picture wearing this while I’m out shopping, or even if I’m just hanging out at home for a day of blogging. I’ll try to link everything down below that I can. Let me know if you like outfit posts like these, and what your summer staples are!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Strappy Back Body in Pink from Topshop

BDG Denim Pin-Up Short in Black from Urban Outfitters 

‘Dawson’ Ghillie Sandal by Sam Edelman 

Daisy Choker by me 

Tortoise Shell, Cat Eye Sunglasses from Topshop (similar)

Please make sure to have a look at my shop 🙂

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol



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