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Hi guys!

I am writing a slightly different post today than what I usually talk about. I recently got my hands on these two books about the history of fashion, and I decided to talk with you about them today! I have only read “Fifty Fashion Designers That Changed The World,” so I’ll be able to tell you what I honestly think of it. I plan on reading the other book next week while I’m on vacation, so I can’t give you a sense of what it’s like yet.

I happen to really enjoy both fashion and reading, and if you enjoy both as well, maybe this review will give you an idea of what books you need to add to your wish list!

I decided that I would read the book about designers first because it made more sense to start off with that one. I also had a feeling that I would probably enjoy it more. This book contains many fashion designers, and on each page it shows photos of them/their designs, as well as a brief description about their history. The designers are in order by the year, so it starts off with designers such as Chanel, and ends with designers such as Stella McCartney. It also has a range of designers that were/are popular, and some that are less well-known.

I think that the book gave a sufficient amount of details about the designers so that you could understand whom they designed for, worked for, and what made them a big influence in the fashion industry. I liked that it talked about multiple people, because you can always go back to the book and use it as a reference if you need to. I also think that if you’re just starting to like fashion, this might be a helpful book to read. It gives you lots of information about the designers, who are one of the most important parts in the fashion industry. It helps you see the faces behind the brands. If you’re like me and have been into fashion for awhile, I also recommend reading it because it’s still interesting.

I think that it’s important to have some background about certain designers if you’re interested in fashion. Not only do you learn something new, but it’s more professional to know about these people and how influential they were/are. It also helps you recognize reoccurring trends!

If you’re looking for a book about fashion that has a plot and a story, this isn’t the best pick. They only talk about one designer per page, so it’s more about the history of these designers rather than a book that tells the whole story of one.

In general, I liked reading this book because it gave me more information about popular designers, as well as some that were not as famous. There are a lot more of these books in this series, such as fifty bags that changed the world, dresses, and even shoes.

Both of these books are on sale at Bas Bleu for $14 each instead of $20 each!

Here’s what I’m showing:

Fifty Fashion Designers That Changed The World by the Design Museum

Fifty Bags That Changed The World by the Design Museum

Also, I just quickly wanted to let you all know that I will be going on vacation for a week. I am planning ahead so that for next week and the week after you will have a blog post 🙂

I will be uploading my blog post regarding one year of Emily’s Edge too (exciting)!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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