Boots Made for Midnight






Since we’re not too far away from fall, I really wanted to get a new pair of boots. Let’s face it: even if it wasn’t fall, I’d still probably pick up these shoes.

I had a very specific idea in mind when it came to how I wanted them to look. I wanted them to have a heel and to be tight fitting at the top. After looking at multiple shoes, whether they were online or in stores, I spotted these. I picked a pair up but unfortunately, they were completely sold out. A week later, I came back and was able to get my hands on them. These are unlike any other pair of shoes that I have. I love them! I think that they’re really cool.

I feel like velvet, blue boots are going to be a big trend this fall. After seeing these in person, I saw some photos from the Rebecca Minkoff show in New York, and one of her models had a pair on. I’ve seen people talking about shoes similar to these on social media too.

These shoes are pretty tall. The heel is four inches, however, I do not find them uncomfortable to walk in. I had mine on for about six hours the other night, and my feet felt okay until about the last hour. If you’re able to walk around in heels without it bothering you, than these will feel okay on!

This is the blue velvet pair of these shoes. They also sell them in four other colors, but they’re not the same velvet material. The material feels fine when they’re on; there isn’t anything rubbing your ankles and the inside is soft!

They are tight around the calf. For me personally, they are not completely tight, but I think it depends on how big your calves are. If you’re worried that they’re not going to be tight enough, I think they will be because they still look form fitting on me (despite the fact that  I have a little room at the top). They zip up on the inside so that you can put them on that way. The color is so amazing! I think that it makes them stand out even more. They look so different and unique. I think that these are perfect for the new season. I got a lot of compliments when I wore these!

If you’re interested, I will leave a link below for you. I bought these from Nordstrom, but you can also get them from the Steve Madden website. I do recommend getting them quickly though, because they were almost sold out for the second time when I went back to Nordstrom. They are currently available for pre-order on I can tell that they are definitely going to be a fall favorite of mine!

What do you think? I think they look super sleek and classy!

Here’s what I’m showing:

EDIT Steve Madden Boots in the color Blue Velvet from Nordstrom

Link to these shoes on Steve Madden’s website

Link to these shoes on Nordstrom’s website

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

3 thoughts on “Boots Made for Midnight

    1. They look so cute with everything! I usually wear a simple top when I have them on because they’re definitely a statement piece. My favorite look with them lately has been my oversized denim jacket, black shorts, and a neutral colored top 🙂

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