Designers, Makeup, and Friends! March Q and A

Hey everybody!

A couple of weeks ago I asked some friends to send in some questions that they’d be interested in me answering specifically on here! I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now, and there’s definitely a lot more of you than when I first started blogging. Question and answer posts are always fun to make, and some of these questions are ones that I haven’t ever answered on here before. Enjoy!

1. How do you decide on makeup? Do you go off of price, quality, brand-name, or a bit of both?

When selecting makeup, I usually go off of the quality. If I know something has bad reviews or might be bad for my skin, I don’t risk getting it. I do also go off of brand name a bit because if I know that I love a certain brand’s products, I’m more willing to try out other stuff from them, too.

2. What are your top three favorite designer brands?

Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are definitely up there in my top three favorites… I’m not quite sure which one I like more or what my third favorite is!

3. What’s your favorite music genre?


4. When did you realize you were interested in fashion?

I feel like I’ve known forever! I loved shopping and clothes from a young age. A few years ago, my interest in it became really obvious to me, but I have truly been loving it my whole life.

5. What is your least favorite fashion trend?

These aren’t very in style anymore (thank goodness), but I hate fedoras! As for right now, I’m not into the Gucci slides with fur on the back that everyone seems to love! Sorry, Gucci.

6. What do you think this summers colors will be?

I think that blush pink is still going to remain pretty popular!

7. What are some cute hairstyles?

I love wearing my hair down, but I think that French braids are so adorable! High ponytails and buns are some of my go-to looks too.

8. What are some good summer makeup colors?

I like pink and gold shades. They can look so natural and glowy.

9. How do you make people feel comfortable enough to invite you places?

I really think you just need to continue being yourself! If someone isn’t comfortable to invite you somewhere, it sounds like it might have more to do with how they feel. Maybe they’re shy or don’t feel like they know you that well! You can’t really make someone invite you somewhere, but you can focus on becoming better friends which might help the situation 🙂

10. How can I seem more approachable?

Be friendly with people that start to talk to you first, and start talking to others first too! If you see someone wearing a cute outfit, tell them! If someone asks you how your day was, ask them how theirs was too! It can only lead to more positivity, and others will notice it too.

11. Do you like ripped jeans?

Yes, I do! My favorite ones are the Topshop Janie jeans with the rips at the knees.

12. What do you find to be the qualities in a product that draw you to it?

I usually am drawn to products that seem like something I’d like or that look interesting. I also take into consideration whether the product has good reviews.

13. Are you drawn to a specific style of clothing?

I’m more drawn to clothing that reflects my personal style rather than what I guess you can call the different “genres” of clothes.

14. What would you call your sense of style?

My style is unique. It’s classy and modern, but still can have an edge to it.

15. Do you watch specific fashion shows, blogs, Youtube channels, etc? Who do you suggest I follow besides you?

Yes to all of those! I definitely recommend following Danielle from We Wore What. She is probably one of the most successful fashion bloggers, and she is personally one of my favorites. She’s so hardworking and has accomplished so much; it’s very inspiring.

Thank you everyone who sent in questions, and thank you all for reading! I hope you have a lovely week, and I’ll catch you later!

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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