Summer Simplicity















“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

I’m so happy to finally share this post with you. I’ve been sitting with these images for a week now, and revisiting them makes me even more excited. Before I begin, I want to thank my amazing friend and photographer, Alanna. After the images from this other post, I knew I had to shoot with her again. Not only is she naturally talented, but she’s also incredibly humble and kind. Go check out and follow her Instagram here.

I really love this outfit and its simplicity. When styling this, I think my neck tie really made all the difference. It’s kind of the first thing you notice, and it’s perfect for one trend that’s really in right now: gingham. I love the blue and white gingham pattern and frilly edges of it. Besides being adorable, it’s super cool because it was my mom’s from when she was younger. That makes it even more special to me!

When it comes to the shirt I’m wearing, I had to make it look quite a bit shorter than it actually is. I cinched it in the back until it was as tight and short as I wanted it to be, and then tucked that into the back of my shorts. After, I pulled it out a little bit to make it look like a natural length. This worked perfectly because I was wearing my high waisted shorts. Now, everyone knows about my love for the Topshop Joni jeans. When I found out that they started making Joni shorts, I immediately bought two pairs. I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, and I’m obsessed with them. The day that Topshop stops making this style of denim will be a sad one for my wardrobe.

I topped it off with my flat, quilted sneakers from Steve Madden and my glittery cat-eye sunglasses. I kept the shoes simple, but I wanted to wear some sunglasses that were more out there. These ones worked perfectly with the vibe I was trying to achieve with this fit.

I also had my gold charm necklace on and a pair of delicate crystal hoops (and my cartilage piercing, if you even count that).

I really love these photos and this look. Thank you again to Alanna for her amazing work! She makes all my photo dreams come true!

Also, I’ll see you Tuesday to celebrate two years of Emily’s Edge! Can you believe it?!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

LA Made Crew Neck Tee in White

Topshop Joni Shorts in Mid Denim from Nordstrom

ECENTRCQ Slip Ons in Black by Steve Madden

Glitter Cat Eye Sunglasses from ASOS (sold out, sorry!)

Similar Gingham Neck Scarf in Pink Here

Gold Charm Necklace from Anthropologie (details here)

Crystal Huggie Hoops from Etsy

Talk to you on Tuesday!

-Emily Berrol

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