2 Years


Today marks two years since creating Emily’s Edge! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for this long; it feels like something that I only started recently.

After looking back at the post I wrote exactly one year ago, I realize how much I’ve changed since starting this blog. For starters, I’ve grown older, improved the quality of my photos, and have evolved my writing style. I’ve taken breaks from blogging; some weeks I’ve been too busy with schoolwork and other times I’ve been traveling. It’s not always easy to balance everything, and it’s hard to take a break sometimes.

I really never knew if I’d ever start this blog. It was an idea in my head for such a long time. I’m lucky that I did, because it has brought me so many wonderful gifts and realizations. Doing this has allowed me to express my thoughts on fashion through writing. Writing has always been a very important part of self-expression. The fact that I’ve been able to incorporate these two passions is amazing.

Over the past couple of years I’ve realized how much I love fashion, and how much I want to keep contributing to it. Blogging is such a unique thing for me. Although it seems like just about everyone has a blog now, I’m the only person I know who started one at such a young age. I love that I have this advantage because I know it can only go up from here.

Thank you so much if you view, read, comment, etc. It’s so great to have my own platform, and it still shocks me to see how many people from different places view my blog!

I’m excited to see what the future holds. Lots of love.

To many more years of Emily’s Edge,

-Emily Berrol

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