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Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted on here in awhile due to the fact that I was traveling and pretty busy. It feels great to be writing on here again! To make up for being gone, I decided that I would show you two different looks today: one that you could wear in the daytime and one you could wear in the night. I’m really happy with how this turned out, and hopefully you enjoy it too!

I’m going to start off by talking about my day outfit. It’s pretty casual, and I think it is great for if you want to go out but still look cute. I am wearing a shirt from Wildfox that says “Miaou” with a cat on it. It’s adorable! I love Wildfox shirts because they are always so sweet and easy to pair other clothes with. This shirt is in a pretty pinkish-peach color, and the writing is metallic rose gold. It’s a v-neck, and the length is really flattering.

For my pants, I am wearing a pair of Paige gray jeans. I always wear black jeans, so these are a nice addition to this outfit to change it up a bit. Paige jeans are really comfortable and fit well. These are skinny jeans, and they stop just right above your ankle. One of the cutest things about these are the zippers. There are zippers on each side by the pockets and the ankles. It’s such a cool detail, and it really makes them unique.

For jewelry, I only wore a pair of crystal earrings and my watch because I wanted to keep it simple. You could definitely wear more if you would like to and even add a jacket. I wore my Steve Madden shoes (blog post on these here) and Rebecca Minkoff backpack (blog post here). I tried to keep this look pretty casual but still adorable.

For the night outfit, I used the same top but mixed up everything else to give it a different vibe.

The pants that I am wearing now are another pair of jeans, but these ones are from Topshop. They are black (what did I tell you earlier?) and have rips at the knees. They are definitely much more fitted than the Paige jeans. They work perfectly for this outfit because the boots I’m wearing are very fitted at the top so I needed some really skinny jeans, and I love Topshop’s. They fit really nicely and come in so many different styles. These are the Leigh jeans.

The jacket I’m wearing is my leather one from BB Dakota. It looks really cool with the ripped pants and the boots. Leather jackets are such a statement piece. I think they’re great for everyone to have. This jacket will also keep you warm when it’s night time.

The boots I’m wearing are from a brand called Ash. I absolutely love them! I just got them recently, and I think they’re perfect. They are pointed at the toe and are suede. They’re also black, so they go with everything. I think these boots would be perfect for a night out. They have a small heel, and they also have elastic at the sides of them. They are super fitted at the top, as I have previously mentioned. I’m really happy with this new addition to my shoe collection!

I added more jewelry to this look. I am still wearing my watch and crystal earrings, but I have paired it with my Kate Spade crystal bow bangle and a necklace. My watch and bangle are rose gold, my necklace is gold, and my earrings are silver colored. (It’s okay to mix and match different shades of jewelry!) I am still wearing my backpack in this look.

You could mix and match a lot of the different pieces of these outfits together if you wanted to. I can also picture wearing both of these outfits during the day and night, but I just want to show you how you could make an outfit casual and more dressed up.

I’m really happy to be back and blogging on Emily’s Edge. I missed it. 🙂

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Miaou shirt from Wildfox

Gray Jeans with Zippers from Paige (similar but mine are darker)

Leather Slip on Shoes from Steve Madden

Julian Backpack in Black with Silver Hardware from Rebecca Minkoff

Jamie Jeans with Rips in Black from Topshop

Leather Jacket from BB Dakota (link to the jacket on this blog post)

Pointed, Suede Boots from Ash

Crystal Earrings from Nordstrom (I’m not sure of the brand, sorry!)

Crystal Bow Bangle in Rose Gold from Kate Spade

Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch from Michael Kors 

Gold and Stone Necklace

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

5 thoughts on “Cute Day to Night Outfit

  1. Thanks for the new post. I like both of your outfits, particularly the boots and jacket
    as part of the night ensemble.


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