Julian Backpack Review and What’s In My Bag















Hello everyone!

I didn’t post last weekend because of Valentine’s Day, but I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Today I’m going to be talking about the bag I’ve been using lately and also do a what’s in my bag for you!

To start off with, my backpack is from Rebecca Minkoff. It’s called the Julian Backpack. I love it so much and have been using it a lot lately! It’s in a black, pebbled leather (the light makes it look a bit lighter in some of these photos). I know they also sell it in other colors.

It has two side pockets, one main one, and then one on the back. It can hold a lot of things in it (as you’ll soon find out). The zips also have little pieces of tassel on them, which I think is such a cute detail! The hardware is in silver, but I know they make it with gold too. It has a keyring at the top of the bag, so if you want to add a keychain to it, you definitely can. It also has a little clasp at the bottom that attaches to another key ring to give it a cute little detail. I think the shape of this bag is also really interesting.

I’ve seen so many people wearing this backpack, and I can totally see why they love it so much. It stores a lot, is great for travel, or is amazing as just an everyday bag. It’s not too big where it’s unpractical either.

Now to get into the contents of my bag!

To start off with (in no particular order), I have my phone. The phone I have is an iPhone 6 Plus in gold. I love the size of it. On my phone, I have a butterfly case from Wildflower Cases. It’s so pretty! I also love the colors. To go with my phone, I carry headphones in my bag. I’m really interested in music, so having my headphones with me is a must!

Next, I carry my Ted Baker wallet in my bag at all times. I have been waiting to show this on here, because I thought some of you might like it. I really love this wallet because it has so many different places to store cards or cash. Also, it’s so cute! It is a baby pink color with rose gold hardware. It has little crystals to open up part of the middle section of the wallet. It comes in many different designs and colors if you’re interested. The wallet is also great quality!

I always carry lip products in my bag. To start off with, I carry the Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness lip balm with me. This one has SPF in it, and no color. For lipstick, I carry my Dior lipstick in the color Bright. I’ve already talked about this in my last blog post, but I love it so much! It’s the perfect go-to shade.

I bring my Topshop cat eye sunglasses with me in my backpack. They are in a tortoise shell color, and they’re super cute. I wore them a lot in the summer, and now that the sun is out again, I’m going to start reaching for them a lot more.

Lastly, I carry a nail file with me and a pony tail. My nails are quite long, so having a nail file is a good idea in case they break. The pony tail is just in case I decide to put my hair up.

What’s your favorite handbag at the moment? Do you have any handbag essentials that I should know about?

Let me know.

Thanks for reading and sticking around šŸ™‚

Here’s what I’m showing:

Julian Backpack in black with silver hardware from Rebecca Minkoff

Pink and Rose Gold Wallet from Ted Baker (similar one here)

iPhone 6 Plus in Gold

Butterfly Case from Wildflower Cases

Cat Eye Sunglasses from Topshop in the color Tortoise Shell

A Kiss of Smoothness Lip Balm by Nivea

Dior Addict Lipstick in the shade Bright by Dior

White and Pink Headphones by Sony

Nail File

Pony Tail

I’m wearing Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish in the color Purple Prisms on my nails

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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