The Details

photo nov 18, 4 15 21 pm


photo nov 18, 3 30 12 pm


photo nov 18, 3 22 58 pm


Here it is, the outfit post I promised you last weekend! Hooray!

So you’re probably thinking, “Really, Emily? This is the outfit? Another denim jacket with some high waist jeans?” and I know, but this post really isn’t about how boring the outfit is. It’s about the details.

Just before we get started, can we all agree that Alanna managed to make every single one of these outfit pictures look perfect? I love them.

I decided to accessorize this outfit with my classic denim jacket, and as you can see, I have quite a few pins on it right now. All of them happen to be COIN merch at the moment, but I’m pretty okay with that. I love adding pins to my denim jackets. I always get so many compliments and it really makes a jacket look way cooler.

I also have my gold necklaces on that I love to layer. They’re essential for any basic outfit, and I love the way these two work together. They look perfect as a pair!

Also, you’ve probably noticed the little tie in my shirt. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Does anyone else remember when people would make little tails out of their shirts in 2010? This vaguely reminds me of that, but much more modern and, well, fashionable. I think this is such a cute thing to do to an oversized tee. It especially looks amazing with high waist pants (my favorite). It just makes an outfit more interesting while remaining flattering.

Lastly, I wore my rings like I always do. I also have some earrings in, and I realize that I just about never talk to you guys about earnings. I always have an earring in, but for some reason they’re never mentioned. For this look, I wore my little, diamond cartilage stud and some crystal earrings.

Unfortunately I could not find any pictures of the boots I was wearing with this outfit. But, guess what? They’re new and perfect. Definitely a blog post coming about those soon as it’s December and you know how I feel about boot season.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! I’m going to try and post the next couple of weeks, but just know that I have some big tests coming up so I might be a little absent. Very fun and exciting things coming though!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Basic Crew Neck Tee in white by LAmade

Black Joni Jeans from Topshop

No Heartbreakers Denim Jacket (more here)

Gold Star Choker Necklace from SHOPEVREN on Etsy

Gold Multi Charm Necklace with Dragonfly from Tai

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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